Federal Investigation expands to the Diocese of Buffalo

For immediate release, October 19 2018

Yesterday we learned about a sweeping investigation by the Department of Justice into Catholic dioceses in Pennsylvania. Today we have learned that the investigation is wider than we thought.

The news that the DOJ investigation has spread to the Diocese of Buffalo shows that this investigation is deeper and more encompassing than we had previously imagined. It is also not surprising. 

In March, Bishop Malone made news by releasing a list of 42 names of priests “credibly accused” of abuse. In September, he made news again when CNN revealed that the list was incomplete and that dozens of priests had gone unreported due to their inclusion in “secret archives” kept by the Diocese. It was clear then as it is clear now that institutions cannot be relied on to police themselves. For that reason, we are glad that the Department of Justice has decided to do it for them.

Given this expansion into Buffalo, we wonder when this investigation will spread to other states where Bishops have followed the exact same playbook as Bishop Malone had. Whether in California, where the Diocese of San Jose recently released an incomplete list, or in Texas, where a sex abuse cover-up was ongoing as recently as one month ago, or in Washington D.C., where another incomplete list was released, there are many other dioceses around the country that must be investigated. Such an independent investigation is the only way to ensure the safety of children and vulnerable adults, the healing and support of survivors, and the confidence of citizens that the truth will carry the day.

We welcome this expansion. We hope that it expands nationwide as soon as possible.

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