Cardinal Daniel DiNardo to Speak on Race Relations, SNAP Calls for Replacement

Cardinal Daniel DiNardo has been tapped by Houston’s ABC 13 to lead a discussion on race relations in communities of faith. Given Cardinal DiNardo’s history of obfuscation and minimization when it comes to cases of sexual abuse, we believe ABC 13 can and should find a better person to represent Houston’s faith communities.

For years, Cardinal DiNardo has misled the people of Houston about cases of clergy sexual abuse. From leaving abusive priests in ministry until the day that allegations were made public to choosing a twice-accused abusive priest to lead outreach to local Latino communities to reportedly deceiving an abuse victim and quietly moved her perpetrator – Monsignor Frank Rossi, one of his highest-ranking deputies – to another parish, even after telling the victim that Msgr. Rossi would never be a pastor again, there are numerous examples of Cardinal DiNardo’s failures of leadership. Someone who has been shown to be less than honest with the public should not, in our view, be involved in a discussion on this critical issue.

ABC 13 should find a better representative for this critical panel. We are sure there are scores of priests, ministers, pastors, and other religious figures of color who could provide a more nuanced and complete view of this issue than Cardinal DiNardo. We encourage ABC 13 to research and select a different representative as soon as possible.

CONTACT: Eduardo Lopez de Casas, SNAP Houston ( [email protected],  Zach Hiner, Executive Director ([email protected], 517-974-9009)

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