Deadlocked or not, the priest sex-abuse jury did its job

SO IT'S still not over. After an 11-week trial, with almost 2,000 documents, 60 witnesses, multiple references to a dead cardinal and a defendant's suggestion that taking a 14-year-old to bed after watching porn with him was "borderline inappropriate" and not wrong, wrong, wrong, the jury has yet to reach a verdict in the landmark trial of Philadelphia Archdiocese Monsignor William Lynn and the Rev. James Brennan.

Did or didn't Lynn engage in child-endangerment and conspiracy in moving predator priests around the Archdiocese like party chairs?

Did or didn't Brennan endanger that 14-year-old and attempt to rape him after a lively discussion about penile erections?

On Wednesday, the jury reported to Common Pleas Judge M. Teresa Sarmina that they were deadlocked on all but one charge. Sarm...

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  • Tom Sadloskos
    commented 2012-06-22 15:02:15 -0500
    Monsignor William Lynn is looking at at least 7 years in prison, and I hope he gets the max. I am disappointed the jury is deadlocked on the priest, I hope they can reach a decision and put him away as well. As a Roman Catholic, I am totaly disgusted with this entire organization, this is not testing my faith in God, of course, God uses the good, and the bad use God, which is what these people in the church are doing. I do not believe anything the Pope or any of his cohorts have to say. Believe me, Pope or not I would tell him that right to his face. He needs to be in handcuffs, the policy of secrecy is coming from him, while he looks us in the face and lies to us about it, or meets with abuse victims, pretending to be so concerned about them. I think he is a disgrace

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