Church Says Priest's Actions Don't Constitute Abuse

After nearly 40 years, a Chicago-area woman last summer told the Chicago Archdiocese that Rev. George Klein, once the principal at St. Benedict High School, had sexually abused her.

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, said it started after she was found drunk at a basketball game in the mid 1970s. She was called to the principal’s office and she thought she would be expelled from school. But what she says happened was far worse.

"He did touch me, he kissed me, he fondled me, he opened up my blouse, went up my skirt. He molested me right there in the school," she recalled.

She said it happened repeatedly for more than a year.

"Obviously, I was drinking, I was a bit of a troubled teen, no one would believe a troubled teen," she said of her reticence to come forward at the time.

Klein, who is now 75 and retired, wa...

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