Church Puts Legal Pressure on Abuse Victims’ Group

Turning the tables on an advocacy group that has long supported victims of pedophile priests, lawyers for the Roman Catholic Churchand priests accused of sexual abuse in two Missouri cases have gone to court to compel the group to disclose more than two decades of e-mails that could include correspondence with victims, lawyers, whistle-blowers, witnesses, the police, prosecutors and journalists.

The group, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, known as SNAP, is neither a plaintiff nor a defendant in the litigation. But the group has been subpoenaed five times in recent months in Kansas City and St. Louis, and its national director, David Clohessy, was questioned by a battery of lawyers for more than six hours this year. A judge in Kansas City ruled that the network must comply because it “almost certainly” had information relevant to the case.

The network and its allies say the legal action is part of a campaign by the church to cripple an organization that has been the most visible defender of victims, and a relentless adversary, for more th...


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  • Barbara and Mathias Garcia Boehland
    commented 2012-03-14 08:20:52 -0500
    I thought bullying was against the law? These same grownups are still picking on the once little children!
  • John Bijarney
    commented 2012-03-13 13:13:41 -0500
    I can’t understand how Catholics can in good conscience continue to place a penny in the basket when they know their bishops are using that money to silence victims of sexual abuse they facilitated or even performed!
    It’s beyond my ability to comprehend!

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