Catholic parents must stand up to church leaders and reject them for sex abuse cover-ups

Former Diocese attorney Frank Vollor referred to me as having a vengeance. I take issue with that assessment. I and many other survivors of sex abuse do have grievances. 

I will continue working to expose the Catholic Church’s wrongdoing. Using phrases like “we’re sorry”, “please forgive us”, “we will pray for you” — without accountability —  are hollow and calculated diversions. I will not debate Vollor on different legalese, he is the attorney. I won’t cloud the issues by referring to Mississippi Code or speculate as to how and why there is no police report on file. I will not discuss the legal expungement process.  All of that is nothing more than ‘gaslighting’ and I stand behind my previous statements.

Let’s discuss the facts. The Jackson diocese fitness review board now in place has deemed the allegations against Brother Paul West credible. Father James Gannon, the Franciscan prelate, has deemed them credible as well.  Raphael Love, a 9-year boy, reported West to officials in 1998. At that time, West left Greenwood and had psychological testing done in St. Louis.

Despite these allegations, only a year later, West started teaching fifth grade at a Catholic school in Little Chute, Wisconsin and taught there for 11 years.  If the diocesan fitness review officer or other diocesan officials would have followed up on West for just one year, 5th graders would not have been exposed to an accused rapist for more than a decade.

The Franciscan Order and the Jackson Diocese were more concerned with the church’s reputation than they were with the safety of children. If their priorities had been guided by morality instead of fear, Catholic children everywhere would be safer today.  All Catholic school children should be protected by the church leadership from diocese to diocese and state to state.

When the Loves came forward, they were served secret non-disclosure agreements by Gannon. These agreements had been forbidden by church policy since 2002. Valerie McClellan, the victim assistance coordinator for the diocese of Jackson, was present at the meeting when Gannon served Jo...

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  • Daniel "Buddy" Robson
    commented 2019-10-15 12:53:35 -0500
    Great minds think alike…This past weekend I held a 24 hour vigil in front of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (College Park, MD) to keep the focus on victims/survivors of clergy abuse. The support, complements and encouragement I received was overwhelming. Folks are truly hurt over the actions/inactions of the Church.
  • True Catholic
    commented 2019-10-12 11:07:33 -0500
    Many Catholic parents in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati are coming out of the pews and are enraged at the actions of the Archdiocese under the leadership of Archbishop Dennis Schnurr concerning Father Geoff Drew. They are now realizing they have been “Groomed” by the Archdiocesan propaganda that there are no problems in the Cincinnati Archdiocese with sexual predator priests. Just wait and see what happens when the real truth comes out about the cover up of priests is revealed. How many priests have been hidden in the last several years, while the faithful were contributing over $130 Million to the “One Faith, One Hope, One Love” capital campaign. They won’t stop as long as you keep funding their lies.

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