California statute of limitations hearing tomorrow

Tomorrow, a California legislative panel will vote on SB 131, a measure that would make it easier for child sex abuse victims to expose child molesters in court.

Leading the charge against the measure: California’s Catholic bishops.

The highest ranking prelate in the state, Archbishop Jose Gomez of Los Angeles, claims that the bill

--“fails to protect all victims of childhood sexual abuse” (So if a bill doesn’t protect EVERYONE or fix EVERYTHING, it should be defeated?)

--“discriminates against Catholic schools” (Really? The bill doesn’t mention Catholic schools.)

--“discriminates against other private employers” (No, the bill focuses on private employers because that’s where history and common sense tell us abuse is more apt to be covered up. That’s not “discrimination,” that’s smart public policy.)

--“puts the Church’s social services and educational mission at risk” (Really? That’s what virtually every bishop says every time anyone proposes reforming the archaic, arbitrary, predator-friendly statute of limitations.)

Gomez isn’t the only Catholic official who’s wrong about this. The bishops’ lead public relations guy, Kevin Eckery, claims “Nobody who may have been abused in a public daycare will have any rights under this law whatsoever.”

So ask yourself: Where’s the evidence that Catholic officials have ever cared about or tried to protect kids in public day cares or public schools or anywhere in California? Ever seen or heard of California bishops lobbying for ANY measure that would help safeguard kids and expose predators? So how can anyone believe that suddenly now they’re deeply worried about the well-being of kids at Martin Luther King Elementary School in Oakland or Wee Ones Day Care in San Diego?

Pandering to the most selfish lowest common denominator, Eckery went further, saying "If you are like most people and went to public school or public day care, there is nothing in here for you. Nothing."

That’s right folks. If you’re reading this, you’re an adult. So by definition, you won’t be molested as a child. So Gomez and Eckery are right. There’s “nothing in here for you.”

Let those kids fend for themselves.

(By the way, this bill is a "first step" in the LONG battle to hold all groups accountable for concealing child sex abuse. If it doesn't pass, it will only be harder to hold other institutions accountable later.)

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  • Robert Chacon
    commented 2013-08-27 20:37:01 -0500
    The self righteous indignation of SNAP is no different than what you criticize the Catholic bishops of having! You have no more interest in helping children and survivors than what you claim they do! Your organization is nothing more than a shakedown to feed the attorneys that pull from the Church’s “deep pockets” and in reality DO harm social service and education efforts of the Church that benefit the entire society. The existence of these Church organizations doesnt justify abuse, but your organizations ambulance chasing tactics arent justified either. This proposed law is nothing more than the SNAP and Lawyers Full and Continued Employment Act! Please explain why it doesnt apply to secular and governmental organizations?! Because you are not interested in helping victims but rather in continuing to line your pockets with the booty of anti Catholicism and anti religion.
  • Nancy Sloan
    commented 2013-08-23 19:12:32 -0500
    I actually was contacted today by a priest from Stockton (diocese of my own abuse). Asking that SNAP not limit support to this bill alone. I assured him I support ANY bill that helps children or adults that were abused as a child etc. I support CA sb 131 and any future bills with a wider scope of protection. I hope everyone in Ca does as well. But I will not support the agenda/or manipulation by those we have survived against again.

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