CA - Trial to proceed soon in Sacramento, SNAP responds

We hope that this trial gets under way soon. Those victimized by Fr. Uriel Ojeda deserve to have a chance at justice. 

We are concerned, however, that Fr. Ojeda remains free on bail as his case gets dangerously close to proceeding. At least three Sacramento predator priests - Fr. Gerardo Beltran, Fr. Jose Luis Urbina and Fr. Francisco Javier Garcia - are believed to have fled California after sexually assaulting kids. Given his youth, we fear that Fr. Ojeda also represents a flight risk.

We hope that the judge will begin this trial immediately and that steps are taken to ensure Fr. Ojeda does not flee like other Sacramento predators.


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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-04-05 17:04:43 -0500
    Dear Mrs. Dorris,

    Oh, it’s heartbreaking to me, to continue both reading and writing the word “hope” in many of these comments posted here, (both yours and mine). I honestly wish there were a way to insure that trials could and would go forward in a much more expeditious manner.

    I suppose that if ever both the legislative and judicial systems of our government took the crimes of all pedophiles more seriously, then laws regarding their arrest and trials, might not allow for bail.

    I believe that these crimes and such criminals should be considered in the same legal context as murder, for the expressed purposes of not granting bail and regarding the sentencing upon the finding of a guilty verdict.

    And furthermore, I believe that our system of jurisprudence should consider pedophile abuse and rape and mutilation of innocent children tantamount to and legally equivalent to the crime of premeditated murder. I believe this should become the new precedent for purposes of establishing that there will no longer be any statute of limitations on crimes perpetrated by pedophiles; that a victim or victims be able to bring legal action and cause the putting on trial of any person accused of a pedophile crimes in both a criminal and/or civil court of law at any such time thereafter as such heinous crimes against humanity are and have been committed in this country.

    I pray we will arrive at that stage of our legal system’s history, soon.

    Thank you, for your consistent efforts.

    Lani Halter
    Please Remember: Matthew 18:6, Mark 9:41 and Luke 17:2

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