CA- Child sex cases vs. notorious Jesuit settle

Six men who were sexually violated as kids by a widely-known Jesuit priest, who worked in the Bay Area for five years, have reached a settlement totaling nearly $20 million.

We applaud their courage and strength.

The predator is Fr. Donald McGuire, now serving a 25 year prison sentence. From 1976 until 1981, he worked at the University of San Francisco and conducted freshman seminars, directed student retreats, and did counseling.

These six brave men have, despite their horrific pain, struggled to expose corruption by some of the top Jesuits in the US. More truth about awful church crimes and cover ups is being revealed and for that, Catholics should be grateful.

This isn’t just another settlement. It’s a settlement involving America’s most prominent child molesting cleric (a high profile priest who was Mother Teresa’s confessor) and Catholicism’s most elite religious order (the Jesuits). It’s a settlement that, by its size alone, shows that Catholic officials are terrified of having to testify in open court about their complicity in McGuire’s egregious child sex crimes. And it's a settlement that should make parents pause before sending their youngsters to Jesuit schools.

I know some of McGuire’s victims. They have been deeply traumatized. But they have put their own misery aside in the effort to protect kids from him and warn parents about him. Because of McGuire’s criminal conviction and this settlement, they have largely succeeded, against long odds. We in SNAP are deeply appreciative of their concern for children and their commitment to justice.

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  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-05-22 23:25:00 -0500
    I am friends with a “lapsed, cradle-Catholic” who says that he thinks the only way the church will rid itself of instituionalized sex abuse, is to close ALL of the seminaries. I’m beginning to wonder if maybe he is right? He believes that the seminary is the “breeding ground” for most, if not all, of the church pedophiles.

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