Benedict Now Admits Being at Meeting About Priest Accused of Abuse

Mere days after issuing a categorical denial of the charges levied against him in a newly-released German report into clergy abuse, former Pope Benedict has now walked back his denials and admitted to being at a meeting at which the details of a priest’s pedophilic predilections were discussed. Given that the former Pope has already had to walk back claims he made in his own defense, we believe that his other claims are also likely to be lies and half-truths.

We find it incredibly ironic that Pope Benedict’s own personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Gänswein, issued a statement that said some of Pope Benedict’s were “objectively false.” We are not shocked that half-hearted defenses that fly in the face of researched and established facts are being called out as lies by those close to the former Pope, and based on the report released by Westpfahl Spilker Wastl, we expect the rest of Pope Benedict’s defenses to fall by the wayside, too.

The simple fact is that there are documents and testimony that show the former Pope was well aware of the abuses committed by at least four priests and that he took action to defend those men instead of the children under his care. We hope that those who chose to believe Pope Benedict’s words instead of the myriad others contained within this latest report will respond to today’s news by thinking critically about the words and actions of Pope Benedict instead of choosing to defend him blindly. As this report shows, it is clearly up to parents and parishioners to protect themselves and their children; church officials at the highest level cannot be counted on to do so. 


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