Archdiocese of Oklahoma City Delays Releasing List of Abusive Clergy

Despite being a month behind their self-imposed deadline, church officials from the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City still have no date in sight for when they will follow in the footsteps of more than 100 dioceses around the country and release a list of credibly accused priests, nuns, deacons and other church staff.

Every day that even one predator’s name is hidden, kids are put needlessly at risk. Rather than continuing to delay these disclosures, we believe that Archbishop Paul Coakley should instead release what he has now and make amendments later.

Nowhere is it etched in stone that all child molesting clerics must be revealed at exactly the same time, but we suspect that church officials prefer this approach because it means less publicity for abusive priests.

But by continuing to delay the release, officials at the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City only open themselves to greater scrutiny and, more importantly, potentially expose children and vulnerable adults to unnecessary risk. If Archbishop Coakley really wants to do what is best for his flock, he should release all the information he has to the public and law enforcement now and continue to amend his list as time goes on.

CONTACT: Zach Hiner, Executive Director (, 517-974-9009)

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