MO - Archbishop resigns before deposition

An Iowa Catholic archbishop has announced his resignation "for health reasons" just two weeks prior to his scheduled deposition in a clergy sex abuse and cover up case.

He’s Jerome Hanus who has headed the Archdiocese of Dubuque, IA and will soon live again in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph.

From 1977 to 1987, Jerome Hanus was abbot at Conception Abbey in Conception, MO (Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph). In a videotaped interview and a signed confession from 2011, Bede Parry admitted that Abbot Jerome Hanus knew about Parry's previous sexual misconduct yet still placed Parry in a position of authority with the Conception Abbey Boy Choir where Parry reoffended with at least five choir participants.

With this resignation, Hanus has become to first high-ranking church official to step down during Pope Francis’ new regime.

“It’s extremely rare for a standing Archbishop to be desposed, and even moreso when that official has been named as an enabler by a predator priest himself,” said said David Clohessy, SNAP Director. “The consequences from this deposition could be huge.”

SNAP believes that it is important the deposition still be held and that Hanus is made to ask tough questions about his time in Missouri and Iowa

“We hope the deposition will still be held,” said David Clohessy, SNAP Director. “It’s important that the public find out what Hanus knew about not only Parry, but other child-molesting clerics.”

Clohessy continued to say that “if he’s covered up sex crimes once, he’s surely done it again.”

Two attorneys - Rebecca Randles of Kansas City and Jeff Anderson of St. Paul MN - have handled cases against Parry.

Here’s video of Parry, the accused predator, regarding Hanus:

Here’s a statement Parry made in May 2011:

Here’s a 2011 story linking Hanus to the Parry lawsuit:

Here’s a new article about Hanus' resignation:

Parry lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Hanus plans to move back to Conception Abbey in northwestern Missouri.

For more info: David Clohessy (314.566.9790, [email protected]), Pat Marker (360-421-5849, [email protected])

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  • Jack Abd Allah
    commented 2013-12-21 17:22:40 -0600
    Thank you
  • Frank Laferriere
    commented 2013-04-10 12:47:53 -0500
    Is it ever going to end David? Are we ever going to see true justice and these evil people put into prison?
  • Lani Halter
    commented 2013-04-10 11:40:35 -0500
    April 9, 2013

    Dear SNAP,

    Thank you for informing us all.

    I know I for one, cannot look at the attached videos at this time. I know I will find it both fearsome and sickening to look into the face of such a man, an enabler and possibly a pedophile himself.

    Yes, I too, certainly hope that the deposition of former archbishop Hanus will go on, as scheduled. I admit, that as soon as you said Hanus had resigned I had mistakenly assumed that the authorities and legal system could not go forward with deposing him. Thank you for reminding us that (in this country, the USA) although he has retired, he is still alive and has already been subpoenaed.

    Again, thank you Mr. Clohessy, for paying attention to all of these cases, on behalf of yourself and all survivors of abuse by catholic priests; and, in fact, on behalf of all of us concerned adults who truly want the scourge of “informed to other active priests” and thus, enabled pedophelia, in the catholic church, ENDED.

    Lani Halter
    Matthew, Mark, Luke (18:6, 9:41, and 17:2)

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