Another Lawsuit Filed Against the Diocese of Pittsburgh

A new child sexual abuse and cover-up lawsuit has been filed against church officials in Pittsburgh. We applaud the brave survivor for coming forward and call on church officials to do immediate outreach.

According to the lawsuit, the victim in this case was abused by three different priests from the Diocese of Pittsburgh. The only priest named directly in the lawsuit is Fr. Edward Maliszewski; the other two abusive priests were known to the victim only as “Father” and allegedly abused him while the victim was at Woodville State Hospital and New Castle Youth Development Center.

Making matters worse, the lawsuit also alleges that church ofificals in Pittsburgh have “repeatedly refused to provide the names of priests” who may have been the other abusers. This flies in the face of church officials’ repeated promises to be open and transparent when it comes to cases of child sexual abuse. If church officials truly cared about survivors and prevention, they would be working extra hard to uncover who those other priests were, not staunchly ignoring the allegations against them.

We call on Bishop David Zubik to personally visit each parish where Maliszewski worked and urge others who may have seen or suffered his abuse to come forward. We also call on them to use every resource at their disposal to share the information from this lawsuit, encourage others to come forward to police, and help bring other still silent victims forward.

CONTACT: Judy Jones, SNAP Midwest Regional Leader, (636-433-2511, [email protected]), Zach Hiner, Executive Director (517-974-9009, [email protected])

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