Another KC predator priest is suspended, SNAP responds

We ache for the victim or victims of this priest. We also ache for KC Catholics who have been reeling for almost a year from a seemingly never-ending stream of revelations, accusations, lawsuits and criminal investigations into church officials.

Bishops pretend abusive priests are all 'in the past.' Obviously, this is far from true. Despite decades of promises, policies and procedures, child sex crimes and cover ups are still happening in the church. So it's crucial that those who see, suspect or suffer these crimes – or any clerical misdeeds - call police, not prelates.


We’re troubled that, again, the public and parishioners learn about credible allegations of sexual misconduct from the media, not Bishop Finn. Top KC Catholic officials notified only some of this priests most recent flock. For days, they refused to warn the public. Who knows if they’ve called the police or not?

Finn and his top aides have promised, over and over again, to reform and to be “open.” Yet over and over again, they choose secrecy over transparency, leaving tens of thousands of citizens and Catholics in doubt.

Because of Finn’s continuing secrecy, Catholics who weren’t at mass last Sunday is left wondering ‘I wonder if this is my priest and he’s accused of child sexual abuse’

We can’t help but wonder if Finn was trying to keep this under wraps until after his court appearance tomorrow.

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