Advocates of sex abuse victims want SF Archdiocese to sell unused property as reparations

The letter references at least eight parishes that don’t have an in-house priest and another 10 churches permanently closed or merged. 

"These are properties they could liquidate," said Sakoda.

For example, St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic School merged with the St. Monica school. The building left behind on Balboa Street, which SNAP said is worth about $25 million, is now leased to a non-Catholic private school, the Terra School.

"There are examples of open land attached to parishes that are not being used for religious purposes that could be sold," said McNevin. "The seminary has 40 acres of land in Atherton. It doesn’t need 40 acres – it could use 10, and 30 acres could be sold to build houses.

"The same with St. Vincent’s in San Rafael. They have 700 acres of ranch land that could be sold to a hold builder," he continued.

McNevin estimates each parish is worth an average of $28 million. He also said their estimates on the property values are conservative and don’t include miscellaneous income the church may be getting.

Litigation records reveal more than 200 priests with the SF Archdiocese are accused of child sex abuse, but SNAP has a record of 400 abusers. SNAP submitted a list of 21 parishes which housed more than seven accused clerics. 

"They made these decisions, they created these victims," said Melanie Sakoda, SNAP Survivors Support Director. 

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