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We resolve not to rest until the day that children are safe from the predators that would harm them and the enablers who allow it are exposed and held accountable.

SNAP is looking to assemble a team of committed participants in a historic call to action. We plan to act frequently and consistently, with the purpose of exposing those who would take any action to prey on children or conceal and protect predators. Join the SNAP Action Team.

Help us build a sustainable movement that acts at every opportunity. That never remains quiet while someone suffers. That stands together at every crossroad and works together to end the long history of abuse in institutional settings.

We estimate that tens of thousands of instances of abuse have gone unreported, and yet victims who come forward constantly face public scrutiny as powerful institutions work to discredit them. Don’t underestimate the amount of knowledge you have on this issue. There are people out there in the dark, people who are not aware that predators are still being permitted to serve in positions of power and authority. Those people would be motivated to act if they knew what you know.

You can change that. Take what you’ve learned and use it to motivate others to act.

Let’s build a visible movement by showing our collective strength. One comment on a news article might get someone thinking, but 100 comments on that same article will get someone moving. When we stand alone we can raise awareness, but we when stand together we will sound alarms.

Our goal is for every member to complete at least ten actions within twelve months. We require ten actions to maintain membership, but don’t limit yourself - this can be the starting point! The Acts you complete will be shared within the SNAP Action Team community. When you commit to that, we commit to challenging you with at least one call to action every week. We call them SNAP Acts. We will monitor your involvement and periodically update you on your progress. To stay part of the team you must stay active. No looky-loos in this group! Only SNAP Action Team members will be able to access this exclusive content on the SNAP website.

Members will receive a SNAP Action Team welcome by mail.

SNAP acts may include: posting comments on news stories, writing letters to the editor, holding events, social media #campaigns, etc.  You can even submit suggestions for SNAP Acts on our Suggest a SNAP Act page or by sending an email to [email protected]. If we can make your idea work, we will.

Join the SNAP Action Team today.

Signup is simple. SNAP Acts are a challenge. The reward is immeasurable.

SNAP Action Team

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