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Posted 04/06/08
"Group Urges Bishop Soens To Stay Home"

Press release - 04/05/2008
Sex abuse victims want Iowa bishop to skip upcoming papal trip

Press statement - 04/05/2008
SNAP statement regarding Iowa predator priests and Iowa predator bishop

             Friday - 04/04/2008            

Sex abuse victims blast and appeal to Catholic bishops

Posted 04/05/08: "Diocese of Sioux City must seek out abuse victims, group says"

Press Release - New York City press conference

Pedophile priest who molests again, 2 pre-school boys; ex-Dominican already suspended for sexual assault; superiors withold information


"Minnesota man urges Bruskewitz to participate in audit"

"Bruskewitz to visit with pope despite group's protests"


"Sins, secrets and denial"

Wednesday 04/02/2008: Dealing with the demons: Diocese trying to restore trust through prevention programs

Tuesday 04/01/2008: Abuse was common in religious orders"

Monday 03/31/2008: "Leadership disregard: At least 10 priests served despite abuse complaints"

Sunday 03/30/2008: "The scope of clergy abuse is far greater than previously known."

Press Statements

SNAP Baptist: Baptist pastor refused to call police about child sex abuse report; victims respond

SNAP (Oregon): SNAP response to Bishop Malone receiving religious education award

Appeal from SNAP Mexico

Dear World, my name is Catherine . . .

Click to help Catherine and her family convict a killer and get justice for Danny

Iowa - 04/10/08

Press release regarding the settlements - Archdiocese of Dubuque

SNAP statement on recent abuse settlements against the Archdiocese of Dubuque

(From VOTF New Hampshire)

The bishops claim one thing, the state finds something very different . . .

"Court rules case against ex-priest can go on"

Posted 04/11/08: Statement by SNAP concerning Harry Monroe case in Indiana

Posted 04/10/08: Indiana ruling moves clergy molestation trial of Harry Monroe closer

"Abuse Victims Ask Pope to Shun O'Malley"

"Roman Catholic Church sex scandals"

"Did bishop hide facts from the diocese?"

"Papal Visit Provokes Array of Protests"

"Pope’s visit shines light on old sins"

"Yakima bishop, criticized by abuse survivors, to skip papal visit"

"Pope's U.S. Itinerary Angers Some Critics (with audio)"

"Pontiff's Visit Seen As Rally for Church Beset by Problems"

"Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Protest For More Legal Punishment Of Abusers"

"Abuse Victims Warily Consider Pope’s Words"

‘Empty Promises’

"Good start, but look for follow-through"

"Benedict Meets With the Victims of Sexual Abuse"

"Pope Praises U.S. Bishops' 'Efforts to Heal' After Abuse Scandals"

"Pope Praises U.S., but Warns of Secular Challenges"

"The Pope's "Deep Shame"

"Victims: Pope Benedict Protects Accused Pedophile Bishops"

"Pope still protecting pedophile bishops"

"America's worst cardinals"

"Then-Cardinal Ratzinger's Hand Slap"

"Sexual Abuse Allegations Covered-Up by Vatican"

"Survivors of Sexual Molestation by Catholic Priests Come Forward in Wake of Pope's Visit"

"Pope Begins U.S. Visit; Says He Is Ashamed of Sex Scandal"

"Pope Fails to Placate Abuse Victims"

Click here for the pope's record on abuse

"Pope lands in US, vows to fight clergy sex abuse"

"Our view: Scandal warrants more than ‘particular’ attention"

"Abuse scandal to shadow pope's U.S. trip"

"On eve of pope's visit, priest-abuse survivors push UN for action"

Letter to Srgjan Kerim, President, United Nations General Assembly

The Papal Visit: SNAP events and news

Posted 04/08/08: Pope's poor track record on clergy sexual abuse

04/08/08: Press Release - Washington, DC press conference
A week before Pope arrives, sex abuse victims still ignored; released ‘fact sheet’ on Pope ’s poor track record on abuse

Posted 04/13/08: Crosses and Candles - A Vigil in New York

"Editorial: Still Awaiting an Accounting"

"Pope blames church sex scandal on breakdown of society"

"Opinion: Editorial: Benedict punts on U.S. bishops"

"Opinion: Pontiff isn’t devoted to righting sins of pedophile priests"

"Analysis: Pope tackles abuse issue"

"Pope still protecting pedophile bishops"

Schedule for viewing of "Vows of Silence" by Jason Berry

New website: http://www.vowsofsilencefilm.com/

See the trailer of Vows of Silence film

April 22, University of Rhode Island, Kingston, RI. 7 PM
April 23, Georgetown University, Washington DC. 7PM, Room 111 St. Mary's Hall, [on Reservoir Road.]
May 2-3, Documenta Madrid Festival, Spain.

"Abuse survivor unmoved by papal gesture"

"Pope prays for healing from sexual abuse scandal"

"Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Protest ..."

"Victim of pedophile priest talks"

"Former Acadiana Priest, Child Molester Living in Texas"

"Holy Furor at Diocese as Sex-rap priest hired"

"Our Views: Pope mixes messages"

"Benedict: Protect Children from Future Abuse"

"Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Call For Action"

"Wineke: Pedophile priests and a pope's impossible promise"

"The Bad Shepherd: An alleged victim of sex abuse turns to Nashville’s Southern Baptist Convention . . . "

Interview with Barbara Blaine on Washingtonpost.com - audio file

"Teacher in porn case once served as priest in Bucks"

"Abusive former priest released from prison"

"Downers Grove church sued in sex assault case"

"Convicted ex-priest brought back to prison"

"Addressing a scandal"

"Catholic Diocese of Orlando ignored abuse, lawsuit says"

"Lumberton suspends educator"

"Ex-priest jailed on probation violation"

"Priest loses abuse lawsuit"

"Victim of abuse thinks little of pope's apology"

"In years-old sexual abuse cases, a fight for justice"

"Commentary: Equal justice for prophets and priests"

"Vt. diocese faces another sex abuse trial Case follows pope's call for healing"

"Vermont sex abuse trial set for former local priest"

"Powerful images of the crosses victims bear"

"Opinion: Pope must address sex criminals in church"

Rhode Island
"Advocates for abuse victims criticize Tobin"

"Update: A plea to Bishop Tobin to reach out to abused"

"Clergy sex abuse victims call to boycott Providence Diocese"

"Church Sex Abuse Victims Call For Boycott"

"Innocent in the holiest of ways"

"Victims' group warns of accused ex-priest"

"More action urged against former North Richland Hills priest"

"Maumee ex-pastor indicted on sex charge"

Related statement: Fr. Frank Murd indicted on 1 charge of sexual imposition; sex abuse victims respond

"Boston priest returns to work; some outraged"

Related press release - 04/30/08
Massachusetts: Clergy sex abuse victims challenge Cardinal

"Mother of sex abuse victim reaches other parents"

SNAP Tribute page - Eric Iliff

"Priest admits to kiddie porn"
SNAP statement
Child porn priest sentenced, sex abuse victims respond

SNAP statement
O’Malley makes beautiful symbolic gestures for child sex abuse reform but secretly puts predator in parishes

"Austin woman strives to prevent sexual abuse in church"

Terry McKiernan, Uncovering the Cover-up, Saturday, May 3rd presentation

"Commentary by Tom Doyle: POPE BENEDICT IN AMERICA - APRIL 2008"

"Additional charges for priest serving time for child molestation"

"Priest abuse case goes to trial"

"Late priest accused of sexual abuse"

"Victims Group Protests Lack of Notice About Priest"

"Judge refuses to halt abusive ex-priest's trial"

"Prison chaplain sentenced for sex abuse"

"Abuse trial targets Westfield priest"

"Hearing begins for priest; Former North Bay rector charged with sexual abuse"

"Former priest James Hanley pleads guilty to bail-jumping charge"

"Plaintiff takes stand in priest-abuse trial"

"Indiana clergy pleaded with diocese to hire accused priest"

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