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Updated - "Mother of abuse victim calls for George's resignation"

SNAP press release/press conference - 08/21/08
Mom of recent suicide victim wants Cardinal to resign

"Reform group urges Cardinal George to resign"

Update - "Despite complaints about molestations, diocese put priest near two Belleville schools"

SNAP press release - 08/21/08
Atlanta's archbishop will be called as witness in clergy sex abuse & cover up trial

"Former Bishop Gregory on pretrial witness list"

"Clergy Sex Abuse Victims Speak Out At San Fernando Cathedral"

"Out-of-court deal appears likely in sex allegations against ex-Wyo. Bishop Hart"

SNAP press release - 08/21/08
Clergy sex abuse victim wins appeal

Link to court document. Click here.

"Another priest sex abuse lawsuit announced"

SNAP press release/press conference - 08/20/08 Another clergy sex abuse and cover up lawsuit is filed

"Tentative settlement reached in KC priest abuse cases"

"$10M Settlement Made In Clergy Sex Abuse"

SNAP statement - 08/19/08
On Kansas City, Missouri, clergy abuse settlement

"Catholic activists press cardinal for tougher stance on abuse"

UPDATED - 08/14/08

Brief analysis of Cardinal George's deposition

Cardinal George Deposition

      Exhibits Part 1  

      Exhibits Part 2

SNAP News Conference - 08/13/08
Clergy sex abuse victims & Catholics criticize Cardinal

"Chicago archdiocese settles priest sex-abuse cases for $12.7 million"

SNAP statement - 08/12/08
Statement on settlements reached in Chicago cases

"$12M settlement reached in Chicago clergy abuse"

"Victim was 7 when abused by priest"

UPDATED - 08/14/08

Brief analysis of Cardinal George's deposition

"Ex-Palestine youth pastor arrested on sex charges"

"Ex-pastor hopes that resurfacing of '86 conviction will "set me free"

"Priest facing criminal charges placed in monastery"

"Former Vatican counsel castigates Vt. church"

"Priest removed by Albany Catholic Diocese"

"A Garden of Healing Can Divide as Well"

"Protestors Demand More on Sex Abuse Settlement"

SNAP Press Release - 08/15/08
Trial set for Monday raises questions about Atlanta archbishop

SNAP Press Release - 08/13/08
Tommy Thompson arranged for body of predator priest's mother brought to correctional facility for "private" viewing

"Abuse settlement is only a beginning"

"Judge rules archdiocese’s insurance not liable for fraud-based claims"

"Pastor Steps Forward With New Claim of Past Sexual Abuse by Harlem Monsignor"

"Women drop sex-abuse suits against church"

Florida and Delaware
"Lawyers say church leaders knew of abuse"

"Letters support Catholic leaders knew about priest abuse allegations"

"Church close to settling abuse case"

"Attack on messenger a diversion"

"Crockett hopes renaming bridge will let all move on"

"Barksdale chaplain gets 10 years for sex abuse"

SNAP Press Release - 08/05/08
Tennessee: Three child sex abuse & cover up cases against cult are dropped

"Four men file lawsuit against Delaware priest who worked at a Fort Myers high school"

"Suits charge former Salesianum priest with sex abuse"

"Sex abuse lawsuit by former altar boy may go forward if diocese engaged in coverup, judge rules"

"Priest gets 10 years for abusing 3 minors"

"Diocese facing new trials"

"Harlem pastor Wallace Harris won't be charged with sexual abuse"

"Harlem Priest Suspended After Abuse Claim"

"A horrible story"

"Bond denied for Ala. man in body-in-freezer case"

SNAP Press Statement - 07/31/08
Alabama predatory preacher is off the streets

SNAP Press Release - 08/01/08
"Nun Sex Abuse Victims To Hold 12 Hour Overnight Outdoor Fast & Vigil"


"High court: child endangerment law applies to more than just sex abuse cases"

SNAP Press Statement - 07/31/08
Sex abuse victims respond to new MA Supreme Court ruling

"Priest from Albany linked to abuse case"

"Youth pastor arrested on sex charge"

"Former bishop knowingly recruited priest who liked boys"

"Pastor Charged With Lewd Battery"

"Brothers, bishop meet to discuss settlement"

"Ex-Baptist minister pleads guilty to child abuse"

"Former Catholic high school principal suspended following abuse allegations"

"Activists press Stafford abuse case"

SNAP Press Release - 07/25/08
Sex abuse victims to hand out leaflets at courthouse

"Abuse victim seeks punitive damages from archdiocese"


"Archdiocese of Milwaukee faces lawsuit for fraud in sex abuse case"

"SNAP Wants New Name For Cousin's Center"

SNAP Press Release - 07/24/08
"New fraud lawsuit has deaf victims demanding Dolan rename new HQ"

Background information from 2006: Shared secrets reveal much suffering in silence

"Diocese settles abuse case"

"Sex abuse victim takes solace in guilty plea from ex-Troy priest"

New York
"Priest with local ties admits sexually assaulting boys"

"NY priest pleads guilty to raping 3 teenage boys"

"Council backs name change"

"Leafleting focuses on former United Church of Christ, Methodist minister"

"Support for survivors: New group reaches out to those abused by priests"

"Joshua Rosa found guilty in teen's murder"

" Wheaton's Second Baptist Church votes to oust Rev. Allen"

"Episcopal Church under fire for parolee priest"

"State's child abuse law becomes model"

"Bridge name reviewed amid priest abuse allegations"

"Priest reinstated; abuse claim unproven"

"Maine priest assigned to prayer and penance"

"Diocese says Calif. priest fled after abuse claim"

"Accused of abuse in '80s, priest may have fled"

"Accused chaplain, priest have ties to same church"

"Delaware Diocese faces eighth sex-abuse lawsuit"

SNAP Press Release - press conference 07/17/08
"Clergy sex abuse victims urge McCain to oust adviser"

"Claims against Catholic dioceses dismissed"

"Supreme Court rules against men in abuse case"

"Wisc. Supreme Court dismisses priest abuse case"

"Wisconsin justices reject priest abuse lawsuit"

"Man claims infamous Catholic priest also molested him"

"Deceased priest accused again"

SNAP Press Release - press conference - 07/15
Another Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit Is Filed Against Denver Catholic Church

SNAP Press Statements
Urging survivors and the public to come forward

Denver SNAP: Recovery is possible and help is available

SNAP Press Release - press conference - 07/15
Pair of Wisconsin clergy sex offenders expected to plead guilty

SNAP Press Statement
With sale of Cousins Center, where will Dolan resettle his sex offenders?

"Ex-pastor pleads guilty in sex case"

"Two Sex Offenders in Jail Thanks to Loophole in Law"

"Pair visit Downtown church seeking priest-abuse victims"

"Order’s leader, former member stand accused"

"Davenport Diocese releases priest names"

"Diocese releases names of 'credibly accused' abusers"

"Clergy sex abuse victims in protest"

"While some move on, effects are 'never over'"

"Joelle Casteix Fights for Catholic Church Sex-Abuse Victims While Pursuing Her Own Abuser"

"Ex-priest James Janssen charged with perjury"

SNAP Conference TODAY!

SNAP Press Release
Clergy sex abuse victims hold national convention in Chicago

SNAP final conference schedule - PDF - 7/03/08
SNAP conference schedule (short form)

Updated information about speakers and presenters at conference 2008 - 07/03/08

"Pope issues apology to clergy victims"

"Who should lead church on safety, if not the SBC?"

"Report abuse to local law enforcement"

"Ex-Geneva priest paroled again"

"Catholic leaders knew"

"Cleveland Diocese priest resigns following second allegation of abuse"

"Letter: On Catholic abuse settlements"

"Bishop Paulk's Secret Meeting"

"Priest again accused of sexual abuse"

SNAP Press Statement
No urging to call church; urge survivors to call police

"Maine diocese offers new details on priest suicide"

SNAP Press Statement
Sex abuse victims respond to diocesan disclosure about delay

"St. Louis Archdiocese videoed women’s ordination rite"

SNAP Press Statement
"National Catholic newspaper discloses that archdiocese secretly taped womens' ordination"

"Clergy abuse - Proof and Hearsay"

SNAP Press Statement
Green Bay sex abuse victims expecting new "law and order" prelate to “clean up” diocese

SNAP Press Release
Clergy sex abuse survivors to flier Milwaukee south side church

"Denver Archdiocese settles priest abuse cases"

SNAP Press Statement
Concerning Denver Archdiocesan settlement of priest abuse cases

"Father Of Alleged Clergy Sex Abuse Victim Talks About Arrest"

"Priest accused of molesting altar boy"

Milwaukee Magazine: "Devil in Disguise"

Catholic Church Meltdown - 07-02-08

"What the bishop can do"

"Priest again accused of sexual abuse"

"Settlements reached in clergy abuse lawsuits"

"SNAP Hands Out Fliers Sunday" - Video included

SNAP Press Release - 07/05/08
Clergy sex abuse survivors to flier Milwaukee south side church

"Woman reports abuse by Yakima-area priest"

"Supreme Court reinstates one Catholic school abuse lawsuit"

"Clergy abuse victims to rally weekly"

"A priest's abuse, a family's pain, a sense of closure"

"Church's aim: Save priest's career"

SNAP Press Statement
Victims skeptical of Springfield Catholic Diocese new program

"Sex abuse victims able to receive justice, restitution"

"Georgia Sex Offenders Will Not Be Allowed To Volunteer At Church"

"Man accused in assault bound over for trial"

SNAP letter - June 30
Letter to Archbishop Dolan on arrest of Brother David Nickerson

SNAP press conferences - June 30
Another fleeing cleric arrested for child sex assault in Milwaukee

"Abusers found on Southern Baptist Convention Web site"

"Baptist Church Web site hasn't purged alleged predators"

"CHURCH ABUSE: Convicted priest accused of abuse in 6th lawsuit"

Lawsuit: Savannah Diocese ignored signs of abuse

"Suit: Savannah diocese ignored warnings about priest"

"Wisconsin court allows old clergy abuse prosecutions"

"Victim's group says ruling only part of solution"

SNAP press statement

Bishop Burke moves to Vatican position; SNAP responds

Victims alarmed former La Crosse Bishop will head Vatican Sex abuse trials

SNAP press statement
Sex abuse victims react to new Supreme Court ruling regarding death penalty/child sex crimes

Milwaukee Magazine: "Devil in Disguise"

"Episcopal Church convicts Pa. bishop of cover-up"

"Why The Costs of Sexual Abuse and the Costs of Non-Enforcement of Anti-Sexual-Abuse Laws Are Too High"

"Schedule for Book TV on C-SPAN2: Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children"


SNAP press release

New Fraud Lawsuit Filed Against Milwaukee Archdiocese

"Baptist Church Web site hasn't purged alleged predators"

Related SNAP email sent to members

"A Review of Marci Hamilton's Justice Denied: What America Must Do To Protect Its Children"

"Former priest faces two new sex abuse suits"

"2 more ex-Scouts say leader molested them"

"Ashfield man calls on church to defrock priest he says abused him"

Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children"

"Catholic sex abuse crisis far from over in Vermont diocese"

SNAP press release
New child sex abuse lawsuit filed against notorious serial predator priest

SNAP press statement
Dolan's 5th year sees record breaking drop in church attendance

"New lawsuits filed against clergy"

"More Abuse Lawsuits Filed Against Kansas City Diocese"

"Man stops sex-abuse suit against ex-Toledo deacon"

"Fairbanks diocese gives abuse victims notice"

"New Sex Abuse Lawsuit Filed Against Former Basketball Coach, Mater Dei, Diocese of Orange"

"Victims' group to unveil allegations against Rockford-area priest"

"New Lawsuits Accuse KC Diocese Of Covering Sex Abuse"

"Two sue area Catholic diocese, alleging sexual abuse"

"Catholic priest acquitted on sex imposition charge"

"Priest's name removed from scholarship"

"Priest named in new suit"

"Protesters target abusive priests"

"Bennison says 1970s were different"

"Catholic priest confessed sexual assault to police"

"Retired Clergyman Acused of Abuse"

Related SNAP Press Release
Clergy sex abuse victim exposes predatory Peoria priest

Southern Baptists reject sex-abuse database"

SNAP Press Release
Southern Baptist execs reject clergy predator database

Related article
"Austin lawyer pushes Baptist churches to confront sexual abuse"

"Reardon Victim Goes Public, Blasts St. Francis Hospital"
"Abuse Story: Page 1 Impact"
"Reardon Case Archive"

"Pastor, accuser settle out of court"

"Priest accused of sex abuse living in Bonita Springs"

SNAP Press Statement
Southern Baptist meeting starts; sex abuse victims are worried

SNAP Press Statement - 06/02/08

Horrific abusive crimes perpetrated by UN "Peacekeepers"

SNAP Press Release - 06/02/08

Clergy sex abuse victims want to speak in parishes

"Ex-area priest gets prison term"

"Baptist Clergy Sex-Abuse Case Settled Out of Court"

"Pastor bound over for trial on sex-abuse charges"

"'Pervert' priest nabbed"

"Former Prestonwood pastor remains jailed, faces online solicitation charges"

"Roman Catholic priest, the Rev. Edson Costa, arrested on criminal sexual contact charge in Bergen County"

"Defrocked priests had served locally"

"Civil complaint filed against Father Ted Oswald"

"Hiker who died was a prominent Springs businessman"

Obituary for Edward Murphy

SNAP statement by Barbara Blaine, SNAP president

Ed had just become our newest SNAP leader. He was working to get a SNAP group going in Colorado Springs when this horrible accident took place.

Eddie was scheduled to help lead a Breakout Session at this year's SNAP conference in July. He found consolation, healing and energy by hiking. At last year's SNAP conference, he got terrific evaluations for sharing how hiking helped him to survive. He will be sorely missed but his generous heart and willingness to help others, even though he was hurting, will continue to inspire many of us. He was willing to speak up to expose the truth of abuse by priests and the cover-up by church leaders while he reached out to help other survivors.

To send a note to the family please send it to Sheila Murphy at:

SNAP press release
Clergy sex victims weigh in on Cardinal’s successor voped

Letter to Archbishop Pietro Sambi
Apostolic Pro-Nuncio

Possible replacements for New York Cardinal Egan
PDF format Word format Webpage format


"Allegations continue to unfold in Christian Gospel Temple saga"

"Sex abuse allegations shock community"

"Sexual abuse allegations follow church to Tennessee"

"Local Woman Says Christian Temple Was A Cult"

Releated SNAP statement voped

"Victims advocates protest Paul Shanley’s bid for new trial"

"Ex-priest seeking new trial"

SNAP statement
Sex abuse victims respond to predator priest's appeal voped

"Vatican upholds declaration of excommunication for St. Stan Six"

SNAP statement
Excommunicate pedophile priests not well-intentioned lay people voped

"Turlish: End statute of limitations for abuse victims"

"Local man lived a life worth remembering"

"Mt. Home Priest returns after allegations of sexual misconduct"

"My Turn: Church should be ready to pay more"

"Few details emerge in months since priest was removed"

"Judge throws out priest abuse lawsuit"

"Canada begins examination of abuses at church-run schools for Indians"

"Removing Curran's name honors victims"

"3 more claim sex abuse by priest in 1950s"

"Catherine Mulkerrin; Advocate for Priest Abuse Victims"

Related SNAP statement
Nun who resigned in protest of clergy sex abuse dies; SNAP respondsvoped

"Ex-priest gets 10 years in prison in sex case"

Related SNAP statement
Predatory priest gets 10 years, Sex abuse victims respond

"Nashville priest says married men should be allowed to be priests"

"Scholarships named for Curran focus of abuse victim advocates"

"Fresno clergy abuse case revived after cardinal's testimony"

"Ex-Morris priest to be released from jail"

"Archdiocesan priest defrocked"

"Father Toohey Formally Dismissed From Priesthood"

"Church Leaders Respond To NC5 Investigation"

Related SNAP press release voped

"Former Barksdale chaplain pleads guilty to sex charges"

"State Supreme Court Justice Prosser disputes claims of wrongdoing in priest abuse case"

"No hearing on leeway for abuse allegations"

"Valley survivors of priest abuse protest molester-led retreats"

"Delaware: Diocese settles first lawsuit filed for priest abuse"

Related SNAP statement
Delaware/North Carolina pedophile priest settles lawsuitvoped

"Minister at Prestonwood Baptist charged in Internet sex sting"

Louisville attorney seeks pope's deposition"

"Bishop's 1978 letter in priest abuse case revealed"

Digest of SNAP press releases during Papal Visit

Digest of SNAP statements during Papal visit

Digest of news articles March-April from BishopAccountability.org. See a full index of articles from the US papal visit

SNAP statement
17 clergy sex abuse victims settle w/ Catholic ordervoped

Priest arraigned on sexual misconduct chargesvoped

SNAP press statement
Support group speaks out about cult-like 'temple'voped

"Women Claim Child Sexual Abuse Against Church"

SNAP press release - 05/12/08
Cult that moved from California to Tennessee is sued for abuse Voped

"Ex-Milford priest convicted again of sex assault"

"Priest pleads guilty to sex acts with 3 boys"

SNAP statement
SNAP reacts to Underwood in Arizona pleading guiltyvoped


"Diocese to appeal $8.7 million clergy abuse verdict"

"$8.7 million awarded in priest abuse case

SNAP statement
Jurors award $8.7 million to man abused by priestvoped

"Mistrial request rejected in priest-abuse case; jury to begin deliberations"

SNAP press statement
Judge rules against diocese; Sex abuse victims respond Voped

"Attorney wants pope to testify on clergy sex abuse"  

"Jury set to deliberate church sex abuse case"

"Visiting Catholic Priest Faces Charges of Sexual Assault in El Paso Courtroom"

"Church Punishes Priests but Protects Bishops, Critics Say"

"Ward complaints date back to priesthood"

"Bernie Ward admits to child porn in plea deal"

"Father John" embraces his new congregation"


"Priest Sex Abuse Trial May go to Jury Today"

"Lawsuit against church heading for closing arguments Monday"

"Nun said she saw priest molest boy"

"Ex-altar boy testifies in abuse case against priest"

SNAP press release
Clergy sex abuse victims to buy ads in Maine newspapers

"Ex-inmate's suit names Fort Worth diocese, jailed priest"

"Salesian order embattled in civil suit over allegations at Los Angeles' St. John Bosco school"

SNAP statement
Sex abuse victims respond to new Delaware lawsuit

"Wilmington man sues over sex abuse by priest"

"Man sues church officials over alleged abuse"

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