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Information on Baltimore Bishop's Conference

SNAP statement
Some of SNAP's reservations re: candidates for the USCCB presidency

Reference articles
Jason Berry: "Is the Church really this blind?"

"Chicago: When and what did archdiocese know?"

"Chicago: George may lead bishops"


"The Aguilar Case"
Joaquín Aguilar Méndez Suit against Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Rivera, and Rev. Nicolás Aguilar Rivera


What news outlets say about Msgr. Alan Placa, Rudy Giuliani's pal

Alaska - Native American settlement

"Alaska: Victims of priest's abuse reveal their stories"

11/20/07: "For sex abuse victims, settlement doesn’t mean case is over"

11/20/07: "Diocese ponders bankruptcy in dealing with settlement"

11/19/07: "$50 million for Alaskan abuse plaintiffs"

SNAP press release
Alaska victims reach settlement with Oregon Jesuits

SNAP press statement
Alaska Natives settle Catholic sex cases; SNAP responds

"$50M Priest Abuse Deal Reached in Alaska"




"Opinion: What about real help for abuse victims?"

"Church wants to write own script"

"Maine: Suit tries new tactic on clergy sex abuse"

"Iowa: Diocese doesn't bankruptcy file plan"

"California: Group takes priest case to Oakland"

"Illinois: Galatia superintendent has resigned"

"Ohio: Priest Faces Allegation Of Sexual Assault"

"California: Fallen Priest Faces Molestation Charges"

"More sexual abuse allegations surface against former priest"

"Missouri: New suit alleges abuse at Cardinal Ritter Prep"

"Arizona: Embattled Mesa priest returns to preach"

"Vermont: Clergy abuse suit back on Vt. docket"

"Kentucky: Last Payments in Ky. Church Abuse Go Out"

"Alaska: Priest abuse cases still pending in Fairbanks diocese"

"Arizona: Indicted Mesa priest starts new ministry"

"Philadelphia: In effect, archdiocese gives sexual predators a pass"

"Vermont: New trial in priest sex case begins today"

"Kansas City: Lawsuits alleging abuse are nearer to trial"

"Vermont: Retrial a first for priest molestation cases"

"Kentucky: Ex-priest's sentencing is set for Jan. 4"

"Arizona: Priest leads service despite sex-case suspension"

"Former counseler pleads guilty to assault charges"

"Vermont: No punitive damages in church abuse case"

"Surprise witness backs up priest sex-abuse claim"

"Tennessee: Ex-teacher can't contact student"

"Boston: Archdiocese hires counsel, replaces controversial firm"

"Vermont: Priest sex abuse case readied for jury verdict"

"Ohio: Vatican Removes 2 From Priesthood"

"Rhode Island: Victims’ group brings message to WW church"

"Arguments made in abuse lawsuit involving nun"


"Cardinal: Sex-abuse bill 'about money'"

"Chicago: Priest gets bail in abuse charges"

"Prominent Jesuit Is Target of New Federal Charges"

Press Release by the U.S. Department of Justice

United States of America vs. Donald J. McGuire

"Convicted priest faces new, federal charges"

"Convicted Priest Faces New Abuse Charge"

"Jesuit priest McGuire faces federal charges"

"Documents surface showing order may have known of priest abuse"

SNAP letter to Provincial, The Chicago Province of the Society of Jesus

The Earl Paulk Story

"Atlanta: Family says bishop of megachurch had child with sister-in-law"

Earl Paulk timeline

"Atlanta: More Women Accuse Charismatic Archbishop Of Sexual Abuse"


"Vermont: Priest abuse case goes to jury today"

"New York: Monsignor removed from parish after admitting misconduct from 30 years ago"

"Rhode Island: Documents shed more light about clergy sex abuse cases in R.I."

" Alleged victim wants friar relieved of duties"

"Navy chaplain gets 2 years for sex abuse"


"Hospital offers counseling to doctor's patients"

"St. Francis Places Ad Regarding Child Pornography Case"

"New York: Connecticut police spend second day in area"

"New York: Connecticut police in North Country investigating deceased doctor's former cabin"

"Lawyers Debate Hospital Liability"

"Lawyer For Alleged Victim Places Ad For Victims To Come Forward"

"Hospital sued over doctor's alleged sexual abuse of children "

"Dr. Reardon's Depravity "


"Jury issues split decision in priest molestation case"

"Jury gives mixed verdict in priest case"


"Legal battle finally ends for victim of priest abuse"

"California: Shattered Faith"

"Iowa: Diocese to pay $37M more to abuse survivors"

"Diocese in Iowa Settles With Abuse Victims for $37 Million"

SNAP statement
SNAP responds to settlement in Davenport

"Good Samaritan Holds Lesson for Treatment of Clergy Abuse Victims"

"More on Baptists and abuse"


El fallo de la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación sobre la violación a derechos humanos de Lydia Cacho
"¡Simplemente no lo aceptamos!"

SNAP statement

Las organizaciones que conforman la campaña contra la explotación sexual infantil “¡Simplemente no lo aceptamos!” se pronunciarán en relación al fallo emitido por la Suprema Corte de Justicia de la Nación, en el caso de la periodista Lydia Cacho.


"Carrying the Cross in a Litigious Culture"

Homily for the Red Mass
Diocese of Grand Rapids, Michigan
October 15, 2007
Auxillary Bishop Thomas J. Paprocki

SNAP: Stories for Living

Share your story and uplift other Survivors for the holidays!

SNAP Network is pleased to announce the 1st Annual "SNAP: Stories for Living" holiday outreach and healing program.  Your stories will enable us to be united in spirit this holiday season.

Knowing how hard the holiday season is for many survivors, we created this program as a way for Survivors to uplift and inspire each other during the holidays by sharing stories of hope, determination, justice, love and healing.

You can participate by sharing one of your stories with us by December 7, and then by voting online for the story that touched, moved and inspired you most by December 14. 

Votes will be tallied and the Top Ten Stories will be awarded a $100 cash prize and will be published and acknowledged on this website December 24, 2007.

Click here for details


SNAP statements

Response on the 5th anniversary of the resignation of Cardinal Law

Response to the National Review Board's report released today


SNAP press release
Anniversary of resignation of Cardinal Law - Issues still need resolution

SNAP letter
Letter to Papal US representative

SNAP press conference on Rudy Giuliani and Alan Placa

SNAP release
Clergy sex abuse victims tell Giuliani "Put up or shut up

SNAP letter
Letter sent to Rudy Giuliani concerning Alan Placa


"Judge: Suit against archdiocese can stand"

"Judge rejects request to dismiss lawsuit over priest"


Press Release

Idaho: Sex Abuse Victims Urge Bishop to Tell More About Abuse Accusation

"Lawsuit against bishops halted, Hudson family vows to fight on"

"Sex Abuse Scandal Catches Up with Religious Orders"

"Church still unreformed"

"EthicsDaily.com Tracks Clergy Sex Abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention"

SNAP Letter

Letter requesting that the Pope insist that Cardinal Bernard Law honor the mandatory retirement age for bishops and step down



"Church's abuse defense takes hit"

"Judge - Statute of Limitations Doesn't Apply in Priest Abuse Case"

"Iowa: Ex-priest Janssen's contempt hearing delayed"

"Iowa: Former Priest Sentenced to 180 Days in Jail"


Rest in Peace
Madeline Manning
first Houston SNAP Director
January 18, 2008

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