Dear World:

My name is Catherine the youngest child of the Croteau family, whose son, my brother was murdered in 1972. The primary suspect was and still is, a former priest Father Richard Lavigne of our parish (now defrocked).

Danny's case was "reopened" in 1992 because Lavigne was being prosecuted on charges of molesting two boys in the parish he had been reassigned to in the 80's. Lavigne was given a sentence of 10 years probation. But, as time went on, other victims of his molestation came forward from the years Lavigne was located in the Springfield, MA area. This process brought forward additional information provided by various witnesses about Danny's case. The District Attorneys office has chosen not to take any further action on the allegation of murder.

Recently,Springfield Superior Court Judge John A. Agostini ordered files concerning Danny's case be released. District Attorney Bennett had requested the files be sealed for the next fifty years. He is still not moving forward or planning to charge Lavigne.

Our family believes there is enough evidence to move forward. We have publicly asked for Danny's case to be independently investigated. Everyone always says when they here our story "I wish there was something I could do to help your family."

You can email : Attorney General Martha Coakley and ask for JUSTICE FOR DANNY an independent investigation. Then, email this to as many people as you can asking them to do the same.

In this "chain" you get to be the angels answering my family's prayers.




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