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"What the Ted Haggard Scandal Is Really About"

SNAP press statement - 1/28/09
SNAP on Ted Haggard's ex-church & evangelicals

SNAP press statement - 1/28/09
Ex NM & CA pedophile priest wants pardon from Obama

"Group: Diocese didn't inform public about 2 accused abusers"

"Archdiocese Seeks to Seal Court Records on Sex Abuse"

"Just another day for SNAP leaders…"

"Dale Fushek's alleged sexual abuse victim reaches out"

"Documents: Church knew of abuse"

"Isle man sues in church sex abuse"

"Lapwai women: the pain is still there"

SNAP press release - 1/23/09
Accused predator priest lives above day care center

"Palm Beach private school puts teacher on leave after civil lawsuit filed"

"Ex-Church Volunteer Pleads Guilty to Molestation, Avoids Trial"

Weekend of Recovery
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SNAP press release - 1/21/09
Clergy sex abuse victims reach out

"Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Leveled Against Priest"

"Murphy: Male abuse victims suffer"

SNAP letter
Letter to Bishop Dewane

"Ruling could reinstate lawsuits against Peoria's Catholic Diocese"

SNAP press release - 1/16/09
Alleged molester, facing 3 accusers, is put back in 2 churches

"Victim recounts clergy abuse in Southington"

SNAP press statement - 1/15/09
Vatican report on US seminaries & SNAP's response

"Catholic Church Challenged to Support Victims"

"Alabama CBF: the good and the bad"

"Diocese details sex abuse claims"

SNAP press release - 1/13/09
Sex Abuse Victims Challenge Catholic Officials

SNAP press statement - 1/13/09
Bishop warns priests, not parents, about predator; Sex abuse victims respond

"Accuser testifies on first day of Naugatuck priest's sex assault trial"

SNAP press statement - 1/12/09
Knoxville's new bishop

SNAP press statement - 1/11/09
Former papal diplomat dies; He could have made a difference

SNAP press release - 1/8/09
Sex Abuse Victims Challenge Catholic Bishop

"Outraged judge gives pastor jail for sexual offense"

"Victims group: Diocese failed to pay for victims' counseling"

SNAP press release - 1/5/09
Crystal City Woman and SNAP Supporter Wows YouTube Watchers with Her Videos

SNAP press statement - 1/5/09
Sex abuse victims respond to new Detroit archbishop

"Diocese did not tell law enforcement agencies about priest"

SNAP press release - 1/2/09
The most under-reported clergy sex abuse stories of 2008 - a baker’s dozen

"Woman says she was sexually assaulted by priest"

"Norwich Diocese Faces Racketeering Lawsuit Over Abusive Priests"

"Pahrump resident heads group for victims of clergy sex abuse"

"Norwich Diocese Faces Racketeering Lawsuit Over Abusive Priests"

SNAP fact sheet - 12/30/08
Suspended Pedophile Priests Committing Subsequent Crimes Recently

"Ada preacher accused of child molestation"

SNAP press release - 12/23/08
New clergy sex abuse settlement is reached

SNAP press statement - 12/23/08
Statement by SNAP on Bishop Braxton

"National group asked to force bishop to meet with local groups"

SNAP press release - 12/22/08
Two groups complain to national panel about bishop

"Bishop appeals abuse finding to Vatican"

"14 claim abuse by priests, monks, nuns"

SNAP press statement - 12/17/08
More Settlements Announced for McCormack Victims

SNAP press release - 12/17/08
Wisconsin judge orders restitution in rare criminal charges that were filed more than 35 years after sexual assault

"Jury begins deliberations in clergy abuse case"

"Innocent until proven guilty?"

SNAP press statement - 12/15/08
Catholic Church excommunicates 2 Mesa priests; Sex abuse victims respond

SNAP press statement - 12/14/08
Statement by Mark Crawford on Fr. Noche and Fr. McAlinden

"Victims snap into action when the church won't"

"O'Brien defends the indefensible"

"Matano: Predecessor erred in hiring priest"

"Fordham Apologizes to Alleged Abuse Victim After Years of 'Evasions'"

"Victim testifies in priest sex abuse trial"

SNAP press release - 12/9/08
Sex abuse victims & Catholics raise questions about priest

"Advocates for victims of clergy abuse call on Springfield Diocese to take more steps to avoid future cases"

SNAP press statement - 12/8/08
Sixteen months after agreement, church still won’t pay; Sex abuse victims respond

SNAP press release - 12/8/08
Clergy sex abuse victims challenge diocese to do more

SNAP press release - 12/8/08
Clergy sex abuse victims blast diocese

"Man facing child porn charges had studied to be a priest"

"Diocese claims no abuse reports"

"Priest accused of sexual abuse"

"Sexual-abuse lawsuit filed against former priest who worked in northwest Indiana"

"Priest abuse trial to start Wednesday"

"Dear Prudence …"
Read the letter from 'Protective Little Sister,' just before halfway down the page.

"Accused priest honored at recognition dinner"

SNAP press release - 11/28/08
Church Wins Effort to Dismiss Clergy Sex Lawsuit

"Accused priest honored at recognition dinner"

SNAP press release - 11/27/08
SNAP blasts bishop

"Belleville Diocese appeals $5 million verdict in sex abuse case; two other victims have come forward"

"Local woman a finalist in national video competition"

"Court: Alleged Ky. abuse victims can sue Vatican"

"Former Grand Prairie priest pleads not guilty to downloading child porn"

SNAP press statement - 11/24/08
Sex abuse case vs. Vatican can proceed, judge rules; victims respond

"Catholic archdiocese answers SNAP’s abuse accusation"

"SNAP papers Downtown Jersey City neighborhood with fliers accusing priest of past sex abuse"

SNAP press release - 11/23/08
Sex abuse victims to leaflet as parishioners leave mass

SNAP press release - 11/21/08
SNAP challenges chaplain

SNAP press statement - 11/20/08
Church officials silent about fate of priest in abuse case

"Ex-altar boy sues Catholic Church"

"NJ Residents Protest Arrival of Priest"

VIDEO: "NJ Community on Edge After Pedophile Priest Arrives"

SNAP press release - 11/20/08
No evidence Congressional chaplain, who oversaw pedophiles, called police

"Congressional chaplain accused of covering up local abuse"

"House chaplain pushed sex offender's release"

SNAP press statement - 11/19/08
Congressional chaplain oversaw predators; Sex abuse victims respond

SNAP press statement - 11/18/08
Fugitive sex offender, former priest arrested in California

"Second man says he was abused by Glen priest"

"Perv-fighting rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg: They're out to kill me"

"Opinion: Pope's new edict on the priesthood"

"Civil suit filed against Franciscan brother"

Radio interview - Judy Jones on WKKX talk radio

"Church commission says minister had sex with minor"

"Family sues diocese over alleged abuse, suicide"

"Victims of clergy sexual assault need support"

"SNAP Releasing Video Testimony From Priest"

"Lawyer releases deposition by Weakland in fraud case"

"Former archbishop admits shuffling abusive priests"

SNAP press release - 11/12/08
Rembert Weakland, in first ever video testimony, details sex abuse fraud by archdiocese

Video in its entirety is posted here.

Video in four parts here posted here.

"SNAP takes on Conference of Catholic Bishops"

Video of vigil in Baltimore

"Bishops asked to respond to abuse victims"

St. Louis: Vianney/Osborne/Marianists

SNAP press release - 11/10/08
10 Most Dangerous Pedophile Priests! Today in Baltimore!

SNAP fact sheet
Most Dangerous US Predator Priests Walking Free – a SNAP Fact Sheet (11/08)

SNAP press release - 11/10/08
“Whistleblower” & Victims’ Group Challenge School & Church Official

"Catholic reform group urges parishioners to withhold donations"

Accused Predatory Bishops – a SNAP fact sheet - Nov. 2008

SNAP press release - 11/10/08
Clergy sex abuse victims want action on ten predatory bishops

SNAP statement - 11/10/08
About abusive bishops . . . statement by Becky Ianni, Virginia SNAP leader

SNAP press release - 11/09/08
Clergy sex abuse victims & Catholics to hold vigil on eve of annual US bishops meeting

SNAP statement for vigil
Statement about tonight's vigil in Baltimore on the eve of the US Catholic Bishops conference

"SNAP: Cardinal George Should 'Step Down'"

SNAP press release - 11/09/08
Sex abuse victims seek resignation of Cardinal Francis George as head of US Bishop

"Former priest accused of sexual assault tells his side of story"

SNAP press release - 11/08/08
Mother of clergy abuse victim urging Morlino to stop predator priest book tour

"O'Donnell avoids trial by confessing his sins"

"SNAP Group Wants Former Sioux City Bishop Defrocked"

SNAP press statement - 11/06/08
Fr. Fernando Cristancho and the credible child sex abuse allegations against him.

Statement by Bill Casey - 11/06/08
Statement by Bill Casey on Cristancho

Letter to Fairfax, VA, Commonwealth Attorney Morrogh about Father Fernando Cristancho

SNAP press release - 11/06/08
New lawsuit is filed against high profile Jesuit author and professor

SNAP press release - 11/05/08
Abuse victim blasts Catholic officials about pedophile bishop

SNAP press release - 11/13/08
Predatory minister is suspended; sex abuse victims announce

SNAP press release - 11/04/08
SNAP Mexico presents Federal Initiatives to reform Federal Laws

"Review finds retired Catholic bishop guilty of sex abuse"

SNAP press statement
Bishop guilty of child molestation; Sex abuse victims respond

"Davenport Diocese names more priests accused of abuse"

"Vatican issues screening guidelines for priests"

"SNAP wants investigation of priest who fathered triplets"

"Defrocked, Suspended Catholic Priests Involved In Child Sex Abuse Survive Tirade"

"Church to pay $4 million in Pueblo cases of sexual abuse"

SNAP press statement - 10/30/08
23 clergy sex cases are settled

SNAP Press Release
Child Sex Abuse Victims Concerned About Six Pedophile Priests

"Convicted Catholic priest faces indefinite custody, Winnebago County jury to decide fate"

"Illinois: Ex-Priest Guilty of Sex Abuse"

"Defrocked Priest Guilty Of Sex Abuse"

"Jury finds Episcopal bishop did not commit fraud in defrocking of priest"

"Groups ask Diocese to stop priest's Mass"

"Jesuit School Sheltered Molesters, Groups Say"

"Priest sex abuse retrial decision to be made within a week"

"Fort Worth priest's conviction in child abuse case tossed"

SNAP Press Release
"Closing arguments today in case against Mother Teresa’s ‘confessor"

"Jesuit School Sheltered Molesters, Groups Say"

"Nothing Sacred: Priest abuse allegations keep unfolding in Memphis" Page 16

"African-American clergy abuse survivor tells his story"

SNAP press release - 10/21/08
Clergy sex group appeals to NYC Cardinal

"Clergy Abuse victims protest at the Hartford Archdiocese"

"Group wants records on priest"

Send the Bishops a Message.com

SNAP press release - 10/18/08
Sex abuse victims to leaflet at cathedral in Chicago

"Champaign, Ill. Church Still Reeling From Allegations Against Suspended Priest"

"Questions Haunt Two Of Reardon's Earliest Victims"

"Miami Archdiocese issues rare apology in sex-abuse case"

"Groups request church warning"

SNAP press statement - 10/29/08
We want to applaud the courage and strength of Fr. Teczar’s brave victims

SNAP press statement - 10/29/08
How many chances does Cardinal George get?

"SNAP urges Bishop Braxton to drop appeal of sex abuse case"

SNAP press release - 10/15/08
First-ever lawsuits seek money back from Pope's US rep & all US bishops

SNAP press statement - 10/15/08
Unprecedented lawsuits target Pope’s US representative & USCCB; Sex abuse victims respond

SNAP press release - 10/14/08
A second victim of alleged predator priest comes forward

"Man Accuses Priest Of Abuse, Files Lawsuit Against Catholic Church"

"Madison-area Catholics decry Morlino's leadership in open letter"

"Lapwai woman claims priest abused her 33 years ago"

"Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Slapped With 23 Molestation Lawsuits"

Death of SNAP leaders - May they rest in peace

"Women abused as children begin to come forward"

"Woman says priest assaulted her as teen"

"Retired Toledo priest barred from ministry"

"Former area Catholic priest barred from ministry"

"Oakland church's garden of healing and memory"

"Explicit talk about abuse"

"St. John's University priest accused of sending homemade smut to 'teen'"

"Molestation trial begins for Chicago-area priest"

"Child-abusing priest Shea dies in Manchester"

"At defrocked priest's trial, ex-aide recounts body massages and sexual abuse"

SNAP press statement - 10/09/08
New child sex abuse case against Mother Theresa's 'confessor' starts

"Group trying to get former Terre Haute priest charged"

"Another child accuses Loudonville rabbi of sexual abuse"

"Priest Linked To Abuse Cases Ordered To Return To State"

"Ellisons' civil case is dismissed"

"Priest sex-assault victim asks highest court to hear her case"

"Judge sues diocese over abuse"

"Pennsylvania Episcopal bishop ousted in cover-up"

SNAP press statement - 10/03/08
Episcopal bishop defrocked in cover-up

"Your Turn: Survivors speak out against clergy abuse"

SNAP press release - 10/02/08
"About Father Joseph Ross, moving to Arkansas from St. Louis after suspension for sex offenses"

Sr. Maureen Paul Turlish - Bishop Edward Braxton's Actions

"Groups to Belleville Diocese: Prove poverty or pay sex abuse award"

"Sex abuse lawsuit: Groups say Belleville diocese may be hiding assets"

SNAP press release - 09/29/08
Sex abuse victims respond to Bishop Braxton's hurtful letter and selfish legal maneuver

"Suit: Priest slept with man's wife"

"Pedophile Pastor From Brooklyn Sentenced to 10 to 40 Years"

Talk, Q&A, and Book signing with Angela Bonavoglia

The Unbreakable Child by Kim Michele Richardson reveals institutional abuse of children in a rural Kentucky

"Former Altar Boy Accuses Del. Priest Of Abuse"

SNAP press release - 09/25/08
Clergy Sex Abuse Group Founder Heads to Europe

"Two sue deceased priest, diocese"

SNAP press release - 09/27/08
“Nuns Molest Too,” Say Three Victims

Catholic order of nuns settles claim by three who say they were abused"

SNAP press release - 09/25/08
Sex Abuse Cases Against Catholic Nun & Religious Order Are Settled

"Lawsuit rejected in case of priest who killed two"

Erickson biography

SNAP press statement
Murderous priest case tossed out, Sex abuse victims respond 

"Opinion: The American Catholic sex abuse crisis: Where are we now?"

"Lawyer wants priest's records"

Archmere Academy and Norbertine Order settlement

"Orthodox Church settles sex abuse suit against priest"

"San Francisco church settles abuse case"

"Ex-pastor, Presbytery, church targets of suit"

"Out of the shadows: Central Coast men talk about childhood sex abuse in new film"

"8 More Men Accuse Priest of Sexual Abuse"

"Judge: Fushek entitled to 5 separate trials"

"Priests' files should be turned over, judge says"

"Man alleges abuse by Chippewa Falls priest"

"Recent Developments Regarding Clergy Child Abuse"

"Priest accused of sex abuse"

"Appeals Court Dismisses Priest Sex Abuse Case"

"Lawyer asks for delay in release of priests' files"

"Ex-chaplain's sex arrest raises local fears"

"Man wants priest defrocked, claiming sex abuse in Little Egg Harbor Township"

"Late priest accused of more child sex abuse"

"Allegations against priest surface"

"Insurer refuses to pay for abuse suit"

SNAP press release - 09/13/08
Clergy sex abuse victims to leaflet Harlem church

"Archdiocese may seek out priest's abuse victims"

"'Irish Tragedy' investigates abuse by priests"

"Fourth lawsuit alleges sexual abuse by priest"

SNAP press release - 09/12/08
Clergy sex victims slam Catholic archdiocese

SNAP press statement - 09/12/08
Archdiocese disparges victim's family

"Priest sex abuse suit settled for $2.5 mil"

"Another Suit Filed Against Diocese"

"Newark Archdiocese confirms suspension of priest accused of child abuse"

SNAP press release - 09/11/08
Clergy sex abuse victims question ‘suspended’ priest

"Archdiocese accused of helping sex abuser flee"

"Group Wants Changes In Wyoming Catholic Church"

"Woman who led abuse review panel slams Cardinal George"

"Lawsuit alleges abuse at Greek Orthodox Church"

"Opinion: The difference between victims and victimhood"

SNAP press release - 09/10/08
While supposedly living with top church official, priest molests 3 year old


"Documents held in Los Angeles priest abuse cases"

"A year after $660M LA clergy abuse settlement, attorneys fight release of priest documents"

SNAP press statement - 09/04/08
Legal maneuvers punish innocent survivors of clergy abuse

SNAP press release - 09/09/08
Victim Files New Priest Molestation Case Against Serial Predator

SNAP press release - 09/08/08
"New book blasts Cardinal George; Sex abuse victims respond"

SNAP press statement - 09/08/08
Sex abuse victims respond to new allegation vs. priest

"Molestation victim: Justice has been served"

"Head of bishops' panel criticizes clerics"

"Catholic leaders should be punished for not stopping abusive priests, SNAP says"

SNAP press release - 09/07/08
Clergy sex abuse victims want two priests disciplined

"Time for diocese to end secrecy"

"Sex abuse and the limits of forgiveness"

September 17, 2008

Save the date . . . Lobby Day in Washington, DC


"Milford priest faces sentencing for second sex-abuse conviction"

"Priest is indicted on abuse counts"

"Syracuse Diocese priest goes on trial this fall"

"Priest indicted on sex abuse charges"

"Prison ordered for Va. pastor"

"Minister given 5 years on molestation count"

SNAP press statement - 09/02/08
Predatory Baptist preacher, was sentenced to ten years today in Stafford, Virginia

SNAP press release - 09/02/08
Predatory Baptist preacher sentenced for child molestation

"Chicago Catholic Archdiocese offers counseling for families of sex abuse victims"

SNAP press statement - 09/02/08
Prevention would help more than program for family members

"Giving Victims A Voice"

SNAP press release - 08/30/08
Clergy sex abuse victim to hand out fliers to Mass-goers

"Paquette's therapist a child molester, lawsuit says"

"Providence diocese settles 4 cases alleging priest abuse"

"RI diocese pays $1.3M to settle abuse claims"

"Group seeks bishop's help with prosecuting offenders"

"Priest removed from clergy for abuse allegations"

"Group: Ill. diocese should let jury award stand"

"Jury awards $5 million to former altar boy in priest abuse case"

"Hung jury in clergy sex abuse case leads to mistrial"

Yesterday's SNAP headlines

SNAP press conference - 08/26/08
SNAP presents new Green Bay bishop benchmarks for his “first 100 days”

"Gregory: Diocese should be held responsible for abuse"

"Man Sues Catholic Diocese for Sexual Abuse"

"Jury still out in clergy sex abuse case"

"Archbishop Gregory to testify in sex abuse case against Belleville Diocese"

"Suit accuses retired priest of abuse"

"Jury retires for night in priest abuse case"

"Lawsuit claims abuse by former city priest"

"Information on priest wasn't given to review board"

"Friday's editorial: Priest abuse settlement"

"Former Altar Boys Testify at Priest Sex Abuse Trial"

"Witness: Ex-altar boy shows signs of abuse"

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