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"Vermont: Diocese settles priest molestation case for $170,000"

"With trial looming, Diocese settles child sex abuse case"

"Rhode Island: Supreme Court Upholds Dismissal of Woman's Sex Abuse Lawsuit"

"West Virginia: Former Priest Accused of Sexually Abusing a Clarksburg Teen"

"Catholic Church Crisis Could Have Been Avoided"


"Benson Report: Lift limits on sex abuse suits"

"Lawmakers Consider Abolishing Limits on Sex Abuse Suits"

"A wider window for sex-abuse suits"

Maine update

"Suspended priest resigns, ending battle to return to ministry"

SNAP press release - Maine

"Retired priest can resume limited duties"

SNAP asks Church Leaders in Maine To Reconsider Reassigning Priest


"Wisconsin: Former Priest Named in Archdiocese Records Alleging Sexual Abuse"

Cartoon: Milwaukee

"Opinion: California church case reveals what Wisconsin conceals"

"Justice Who Wouldn't Prosecute Priest Due to Hear Priest Abuse Case"

"Controversy over WI Supreme Court Justice in Church Abuse Case"

"Justice Prosser's link to priest case assailed"

"Don't hide claims of priest abuse"

"Church facing wave of trouble"

"Former DA backs church on abuse bill"

"Priest Accused Of Abuse Moved From Parish To Parish"

"Editorial: Damning documents"

Documents and annotated information on Franklyn Becker

"Wisconsin: Documents detail church coverup"

"New Documents Detail Sexual Abuse By Catholic Priest"

"Coverup and tragedy at the archdiocese"

Archived information

"05/09/2003 - Retired Wisconsin Priest Faces San Diego Sex Assault Charges"

"11/12/2003 - Abuse Victim Upset, Feels Legal System Failed Him"

"05/16/2005 - Victim of Alleged Priest Molestation Sues the Archdiocese of Milwaukee"

"California victims settle with Milwaukee Diocese"

"09/01/2006 - $17 Million Settles 10 Abuse Cases"

"07/11/2007 - Court: Abuse Victims Can Sue Wis. Church Officials for Fraud"

For links to more information, search BishopAccountability.org for "Franklyn Becker."

"Nun who abused boys gets 1 year in jail, 10 years' probation"

SNAP press conference -02/01/2008
Nun to be Sentenced for Child Sex Crimes in Milwaukee

"Former local man recounts life-altering events with parish priest that sent him into downward spiral"

"Arizona: Clergy abuse victims to get more money"

"Vermont: Catholic Church settles case with payment, not apology"

"Oregon: Lawyers block records naming accused priests"

"Florida: Decision Coming Soon On Trinity Lawsuit"

"Illinois: Former priest to be paroled"

"Ohio: Former Catholic deacon sued again for sexual abuse"

"Florida: Priest Abuse in Bonifay"

New York

"Abuse group protests at local church"

"SNAP members bring awareness to their cause"

"Iowa Diocesan publication: Request made to defrock priest"

"Ex-priest on parole after serving time"

"Davenport bishop wants abusive priest defrocked"

"New York: Help sought in priest inquiry"

"Sex abuse victims want payoff from nun's order"

SNAP press statement - Alaska

The Fairbanks bishop claims he’s protecting church assets. He’s not. He’s protecting his reputation.

"Fairbanks diocese to file for Chapter 11"

Orthodox Church in America

"OCA officials concerned about Alaska diocese"

"Alaskan Sexual Harrassment Charges; Professor Calls On Bishops to Resign"

SNAP Baptist

"What Would Jesus Say?"

"SBC Seminary President Labels Clergy Sex-Abuse Victims' Group 'Evil-Doers'"

"A Legacy of Misconduct"

SNAP responds to Texas priest and HIV

Diocese: Accused priest who served in Fort Worth has HIV"

"Florida: Abuse Lawsuit Against Catholic Order Can Seek Punitive Damages"

"More sex abuse allegations against Spokane Diocese boys' ranch"

"Victim of clergy abuse shares his story"

"Vatican defrocks priest who brought boys to Sea Isle home"

"Iowa: Diocese statement called ‘misleading’"

SNAP press release

"Iowa: Trial dates set for unusual clergy sex case"

"Diocese, Marianists to learn plaintiffs' identities in abuse case"

"Document found in church sex cases"

"Philadelphia Editorial: Priest Defrocked"

"Maryland: Calvert Hall president opposes extending statute of limitations on lawsuits"

"Colorado: Names of plaintiffs in sex-abuse case to be released"

"Missouri: St Louis priest sex abuse case settled"

"Massachusetts: Group blasts diocese for handling of sex abuse complaints"

"Minnesota: Rogers priest guilty of one count in retrial of sex-abuse case"

"Diocese on no moral high ground"

"New Hampshire: Ex-priest's suit makes porn claim"

"Idaho: Accuser files sex abuse lawsuit"

"Virginia Priest Sentenced in Donation Theft"

"Dealing with the demons"

"Why Wasn't He Stopped?"

"Lawsuit Accuses Ex-Priest Of Abuse"

"Rev. James Curry Had Faced A Separate Rape Allegation"

"The Valley of The Shadow Of Death"

SNAP Baptist

"SNAP Leaders Ask Patterson to Apologize for 'Evil-Doers' Remark"

Press release 02/21/08 - Clergy sex abuse victims seek apology from Baptist official

Today's followup to Baptist story of 02/14/2008

"Baptism by Fire" (printed 02/21/2008)

"What Would Jesus Say?" (printed 02/14/2008)

SNAP press release - Wisconsin

Green Bay religious order covered up child sex crimes, new documents show

SNAP letter to WI State Representative Carol Owens of Oshkosh

"Vatican defrocks convicted priest Donald McGuire"

"National view: Shedding light on abusers is key to protecting children"

"When Child's Plea Goes Unheard; Another Pedophile May Go Free"

"Monk was arrested in sex sting here"

"In Painful Retrospect"

"Priest suspected of more sex abuse"

"New York: Catholic priest arrested in Massena"

"Catholic Principal Was Fired Over Photos, Official Says"

"Former counselor to accused Baptist pastor speaks out"

"Our Man in Rome"

"She Sued a Catholic Priest for Justice"

"Writing the missing chapter"

"Sylvestre victim gets $415,000 settlement"

"Faithful must make church change its ways"

"Priest removed due to 'conflict'"

"Judge rules accused priest can stand trial"

"Colorado: Extension of sex-abuse victims' claims falters"

"Editorial: Help children; don’t hide crimes"

"New York: Priest on Leave Dies; Accused of Sexual Abuse"

"Lawsuit accuses priest of sexual abuse in 1952"

"Group calls on bishop to do more in case of HIV-positive priest"

"Group rips action in church abuse case"

"Group Says Bishop Should Speak Up In Court Case To Keep Victim Anonymous"

"20/20 investigates Baptist preacher arrested in wife's murder"

"Former church camp leader pleads guilty to sexual abuse charge"

"Mississippi: Former Biloxi Bishop Accused Of "Inappropriate Behavior" With An Adult Man"

"Tennessee: Superior of Ex-Priest Claims He Lied to Pope"

"Diocese denies having role in identification of plaintiff"

Maryland Commentary

"Advocates for abuse victims: Their loss is church’s gain"

"Commentary - Maureen Paul Turlish: Abuse victims must not give up hope"

"Commentary - Frank Dingle: Catholic Conference, bishop fail victims"

"Commentary - Vicki Polin: Church hurts victims of all faiths"

"Commentary - Marci A. Hamilton: Killing abuse suit bill puts children at risk"

More information on the Maryland legislative efforts

"How to Solve the Appalling Problem of Child Sex Abuse: Why Catholic Priest Andrew Greeley Is Very Wrong to Suggest Church Self-Policing Is the Answer"

Massachusetts - The case of Danny Croteau

"Justice sought in Croteau case"

"New Documents Released in Decades Old Murder"

"Court documents reveal altar boy's ordeal"

"DA releases documents related to 1972 unsolved altar boy slaying"

See Danny's Memorial

"Maryland: Advocates upset over rabbi’s plea deal"

"Mississippi: Lawsuit names former bishop"

"Illinois: Law on sexually violent could get its first priest"

"Archbishop gives warning of 'new sins'"

"Ex-DuPage priest faces trial over release from custody"

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