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SNAP President Calls for the Resignation of Former Sioux City Bishop, Daniel DiNardo, as Head of US Conference of Catholic Bishops

The Cardinal has been accused of covering up clergy sexual abuse in Sioux City and Houston

Victims want both dioceses to release the names of known abusers

Church officials should also reach out to every parish where each accused worked

Survivors’ group urges Catholics in the pews to speak out against those who hide predators

Springfield Catholic bishop challenged on abuse

Springfield Catholic bishop challenged on abuse
He leaves at least two publicly accused molesters off his list 
Victims want church to post ALL alleged offenders' names online
SNAP: More details are also needed to better protect the vulnerable
"The real solution," group insists, "is criminal prosecution & legislative reform"

Group outs 6 Accused Priests Who Were in Kansas City

Group ‘outs’ 6 accused priests who are/were in KC

They allegedly abused elsewhere but spent time here

SNAP urges victims, witnesses & whistleblowers to call 911

And victims want Catholic bishops to house suspended clerics

Victim of notorious priest speaks for first time

Victim of notorious priest speaks for first time

SNAP wants all accused abusive clerics “outed

But church officials in both KC MO & KC KS are refusing

Dozens of Catholic officials across the US are now posting such lists

Group also blasts KC MO prelate for letting disgraced Finn to come back

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