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Victims to launch KC KS outreach drive

Victims to launch KC KS outreach drive

They start leafleting effort at & near churches

Group ‘outs’ 5 more ‘credibly accused clerics

It’s upset because archbishop ‘refuses to act’

SNAP: ‘He should be helping KS Bureau of Investigation

Instead, organization says, he’s ‘irresponsible & timid

‘Archbishop: Teach your flock how to act,’ SNAP says

Vatican trial is set for KC predator priest

Vatican trial is set for KC predator priest

He abused kids, then was promoted to bishop

But victims say “No trial – just defrock him now

SNAP also wants another KC bishop to be restricted

Under new rules, he can be banned from church gatherings

And 2 more ‘credibly accused’ clerics are exposed for first time

Child sex abuse survivor ‘outs’ an abusive priest

Child sex abuse survivor ‘outs’ an abusive priest

She speaks publicly now for the first time

Her alleged abuser is still in active ministry

At least four other victims have come forward

SNAP calls on Diocese of Fresno to “aggressively reach out” to other victims

Man files unusual formal complaint vs. bishop

Man files unusual formal complaint vs. bishop

Bowling Green “cradle Catholic” worries about abuse

Clergy sex victims enthusiastically endorse his effort

They also want Owensboro ‘accused cleric’ list expanded

SNAP: Local church official leave some alleged predators off

Group divulges ‘two credibly accused’ priests who worked here

SNAP: “They’re ‘under the radar’ & may have hurt local kids too

“Victims, witnesses should call KY state politicians,” group says

Victims blast Nashville Catholic bishop

Victims blast Nashville Catholic bishop

Four clerics are left off ‘accused’ priest list

Both were deemed ‘credibly accused’ by their bosses

SNAP: “How many other predators are still being hidden?

Support group also wants Catholic high school field re-named

It honors a church official who ‘ignored or hid’ abuse reports, man says

Tennessee attorney general should investigate 3 dioceses, SNAP argues

Clergy Abuse Survivors Share their Experiences Publicly in Baltimore

As Bishops Meet in Baltimore, Clergy Abuse Survivors Share their Experiences Publicly

They Want Their Stories to Lead to Prevention and Change

“This should never happen again,” they say

Survivors of Clergy Abuse Demand Accountability as US Bishops Gather in Baltimore

Survivors of Clergy Abuse Demand Accountability as US Bishops Gather in Baltimore

They Call For an Expansion of Pope Francis’ ‘Mandated Reporting’ Edict

“It is time for the church to welcome secular investigations,” SNAP says

Abuse victims blast Catholic officials in Memphis

Abuse victims blast Catholic officials

They ‘out’ 2 more local abuser clerics

Both worked in Memphis but are ‘under the radar

But the diocese won’t post a ‘credibly accused’ list

Most other bishops in the US have already done so

“Include a serial predator who was at a local school,” SNAP says

And group urges Tennessee’s AG to investigate all TN dioceses

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SNAP Applauds News Organizations’ Fight to Unseal Abuse Records in North Carolina

Vatican Punishment of ex-Bishop Bransfield Comes Up Short

Norbertine Release of Credibly Accused Priest Sex Offenders Raises More Questions than Answers

Today, the Norbertine Religious Order have finally released a list of priests publicly accused of abuse. We believe that this release – and others by other church officials in Wisconsin – should be reviewed and investigated by the state attorney general.

Church Officials in Lake Charles Lied About Being Informed of Abuse Allegations, SNAP Calls for AG Investigation

A new report has shown that the list of accused priests put out by a Catholic diocese in Louisiana was purposefully misleading. We call on the Louisiana Attorney General to investigate this and other wrongdoing committed by church officials in Louisiana.

SNAP Challenges North Dakota Church Officials to do Outreach

The North-Dakota-based First Nations Women’s Alliance is supporting a woman who reports having been assaulted by a Fargo priest. We echo their view and call on North Dakota Catholic officials to do outreach to find others who may have seen, suspected, or suffered crimes by clergy within North Dakota.

Priest Prohibited from Fundraising in Diocese of Lansing

Credibly Accused Priests in the Kansas City, KS Archdiocese (7/19)

The independent and respected website lists 22 publicly accused KC KS archdiocesan clerics: John Brayley, William Bruning, Thomas F. Cawley, Lambert Dannenfelser, William A. Finnerty, James A. Forsythe, Lawrence Ginzkey, William M. Haegelin, Martin Juarez, Scott James Kallal, Steven Lamping, Adrian Lickteig, Finian Meis, Anthony Putti, Barry Richardson, Edward F. Roberts, Christopher Rossman, Frank Shepers, Dennis E. Schmitz, John Henry Wisner, Jr., Norman Charles Wolfe and Camillus Wurtz.

15 Survivors Reach Settlement with Diocese of Crookston

The Diocese of Crookston today has settled with fifteen survivors of clergy abuse. We hope that this settlement will bring comfort, healing, and change.

SNAP Urges Boycott of Businesses Displaying Signs Supporting Accused Priest

We are extremely saddened to learn that signs supporting a priest facing multiple allegations of abuse are being distributed. We fear that this will have a chilling effect on any young victims who see them displayed.

Cardinal DiNardo Should Ask Abusive Conroe Priest to Plead Guilty

An allegedly abusive priest from Conroe County is due in court on Thursday for the next phase of his trial. We believe that church officials can and should spare his victims the pain of that trial and should encourage the priest to plead guilty instead.

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