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CA--Group wants Sac area official disciplined

Group wants Sac area official disciplined

In legal filing, he attacks & blames childhood sex abuse victim 

Crimes by adult on 13 year old were “consensual,” say Scout staffers

Abuse group: “It’s a deplorable, chilling & maybe illegal defense strategy

“Any sexual contact between adult and child is a always criminal,” victims say

SNAP: “An organization that supposedly values loyalty throws a teen under the bus

Support group fears Scout’s legal move “discourages other abuse victims from speaking up

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IL-- New “alarming” clergy sex abuse suit filed

New “alarming” clergy sex abuse suit filed

It says minister repeatedly sexually assaulted congregant

Pastor called accuser “a witch” and “a prostitute

He allegedly excommunicated her and her family when she wouldn’t submit to his assaults

His son reportedly witnessed one attack, lawsuit charges

Support group urges others with info to “come forward, get help”    

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