Special Honors

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In Honor of

Rev. Thomas Doyle
The Boston 58 . . .

and the many priests

who have had
the courage to speak truth to power.

by Anonymous VOTF Member

In Honor of

Barbara Blaine & Howard Rubin

Happy Holidays!

by Marcia Holtz

A Tribute to
David & Barbara
for all of your good work!

by Scott & Svea Fraser

In Honor of

Joseph Radko, Jr.

by Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Radko, Jr.

In Honor of

All Victims

by Francis Bacon

In Honor of

Colorado SNAP Chapter

By James Ross

In Honor of


New York City - West Side

In Honor of

Colorado SNAP Chapter

by Tray Saeger &
Kathleen Rusovich

In Honor of

John and Sylvia Prieto

by Tom and Cathy

In Honor of

David Clohessy and his family

for truly a "Lifetime Achievement"
of protecting children
and helping survivors,
and for my first phone call.
Forever grateful for all you've done

Jeff Mueller
Southern Illinois

In Honor of

Father Kenneth Lasch

former Pastor
of St. Joseph Church
and a man of
extraordinary faith, honor,
love, courage,
and compassion

by Anonymous

In Honor of

Jose de Jesus Barba, PhD.

who has done so much to support
survivors of
Fr. Marcial Maciel,
Founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

Regain, Inc.

In honor of

Our brave son David
and two very special
men - Peter Isely and
Jeff Anderson

The joy is in our hearts
again because all of you
care so much.
Thank you!
Supporting a great 2008!

Judith and Ken Schauer