Special Honors

Page I

In Honor of

Joseph Byrnes

by Maura Byrnes-Casey

February 2007

In Honor of

My Wife, Lonya

Gene Scarborough

March 2007

In Honor of
Two Special Persons:

Barbara Blaine and
Rick Hogan

Earle and Iole Le Tissier

January 2007

In Honor of

David Cerulli

To my brother, my best friend, my buddy, my inspiration.

Love, MB

In Honor of

Justice Anne Burke
"No more passive Catholics"

by the Geneva Contingent

January 2007

In Honor of

Attny. Jeff Anderson
for his hard work.

by Therese Treichel
Woodbury MN

December 2005

In Honor of

Richard Winslow

by Janet Atkins
of Wheaton, IL

July 2005

In Honor of

Barbara Blaine

by Glen Weissenberger

November 2006

In Honor of

Joey Piscitelli
for his kind spirit

by Frank Lostaunau

January 2006

In Honor of

Kevin & Robyn Zile
in honor of their 30th
wedding anniversary

by Karen & Michael Fishman

October 2006

In Honor of

Christa Brown

with deepest respect
and appreciation

by John Harrison

June 2007

In Honor of

An 8 1/2 year old and a 4 year old, 61 years ago, watching a
movie in Evanston

by Bunny Matus

April 2007

In Honor of

Phil Saviano

With thanks for a website that nurtured

by Christa Brown

June 2007

In Honor of

Paul Kendrick

Maine Victims honor and
thank the man who has done
more for victims in Maine
than anyone else.

Maine victims

December 2007

In Honor of

William F. McMurry

Atty. at Law in Louisville, Ky

Thank you for your
generous time, talent and
compassion to victims of
the Catholic Clergy
and for giving voice
to those without.


January 2008