The truth about the 'celibate' priests who father children - and then abandon them

At the age of 12, Sarah Thomas found out that the father she had never known was a Roman Catholic priest.

"I’d been told he was a lecturer, but being quite inquisitive I’d always suspected there was information I hadn’t been given," she says. "My mother had been too fearful to tell me the truth."

Her situation may sound unusual, but there is a global community of people who have been confronted with the fact that their 'missing' fathers were in fact priests who had taken a vow to remain celibate, while secretly fathering children they would never acknowledge.

I travelled from Buckingham, where 39-year-old Sarah lives, to Uganda while making my BBC World Service documentary My Father the Priest, trying to understand why these men would break the vows they took - and the  . . . 

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2017-11-03 15:30:45 -0500
    …and the leaders of this church do nothing about it. There are no serious consequences for the perpetrator, no punishment, removal from priesthood, nothing.

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