Reflections from the frontline in the war on Catholic child sex abuse

By Jonathan Flynn, March 13, 2017,

Each one is different, a unique voice speaking out, usually after decades of painful, secretive silence. But there is a terrible consistency in the effect the abuse had on these people's lives:

"I feel pain and self-hatred. I tried to obliterate it with alcohol."

"I've lost my right to a normal life."

"I can no longer trust anyone, I always wonder whether they will betray my trust the way my abuser did."

"I didn't know who to trust, so I trusted no one."

"It made my life the living embodiment of hell."

These are some of the statements I've heard in sentencing submissions for clerical abusers from my old school, Saint Stanislaus' College. Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health problems are described by . . .

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