Put Down Your Tambourines

By Gordon Robinson, March 19, 2017, The Gleaner

As usual, when Jamaicans have a conversation about sex, it all goes sideways.

The current debate on the definition of 'rape' and age of 'consent' has majored in the minor (pun intended). The word 'rape' has its roots (Latin 'rapere') in 15th-century England and is related to the Latin verb 'stuprare', which means 'to defile, ravish, violate,' and the noun 'stuprum' (literally 'disgrace'), meaning 'to abduct (a woman), ravish'; also 'seduce (a man)'.

So, the origins of 'rape' are gender neutral, and the word carried more of a kidnapping or stealing connotation ('to seize and take away by force'; 'to snatch, to grab, to carry off'), rather than any sexually explicit intent. The essence of rape has always been  . . .

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