No righting the wrong when there's no justice for victims

No righting the wrong when there's no justice for victims

Samantha Perry is editor of the Daily Telegraph, August 14, 2016, Bluefield Daily Telegraph

It begins tentatively. A polite hug by strangers thrown into a horrific, tumultuous situation by a roll of the dice of the fates.

In seconds it becomes real — arms holding each other tight. Emotions draining. Tears flowing. I mutter the only words I can find at the moment.

“I am so sorry.”

The words seem trite — small in comparison to the gravity of the verdict that has rocked the courtroom audience. But in the shock of the moment I am at a loss for eloquence.

What does one say to the victim of a child sexual predator who is victimized, once again, by the state’s judicial system?

I ignore the hard seat of the wooden courtroom pew as I watch Timothy Probert’s facial expressions. As in previous hearings, he keeps his head low, avoiding eye contact with victims and others in the room.

Silently, I will him to turn his head. Be a man. Look at those who have been harmed through his depraved, sexual appetites. It does no good. His head remains bowed.

I am reminded of a bully who  . . .

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