MO-Priest is 9th local cleric accused of child porn; SNAP responds

In 2011, when he was suspended, Archbishop Robert Carlson’s public relations team said Fr. William Vatterott was accused of “inappropriate electronic communications.” Now, Fr. Vatterrott has been charged with child porn.

According to, at least eight other current or former local clerics have been accused of possessing child porn or showing porn to kids (Fr. James Beine, Fr. Bruce Forman, Fr. William Christensen, Fr. James Funke, Fr. James Patrick Grady, Fr. John Hess, Fr. Gerhardt Lehmkuhl and seminarian Nicholas Pinkston).

Yet a quick search of the archdiocesan website shows just three mentions of “child pornography” (and one was just added yesterday when charges against Fr. Vatterott were disclosed).

We hope that someday Catholic officials will stop using euphemisms like “inappropriate conduct” and “boundary violations” and start being more honest.

It’s hard to believe they are trying to reform when they deliberately use vague minimizing words for these heinous crimes.

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Hey I’m a mentally illegitimate member of catholic society 1981 I said Fr. Funke was one evil cozen.
Our most powerful tool is the light of truth. Through our actions, we bring healing, prevention and justice.

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