SNAP Media Events

MO - New lawsuit filed against predator priest

  • Cleric was credibly accused earlier this year
  • Abuse survivors react to news of grand jury investigation

MO - Abuse victims prod prosecutor

  • They want grand jury investigation into church
  • Twice, SNAP has written Buchanan County official
  • But so far, support group has gotten no response from him
  • They repeat their plea to KC bishop to write families of St. Joe students
  • If he refuses, then local school principals should do this ‘simple outreach,’ SNAP says
  • Controversial cleric also spent time at a third church in the area while pastor was sick

RI - Convicted predator now works for non-profit

  • Clergy abuse victims want the public to be warned
  • He’s defrocked and is listed as a registered sex offender
  • His crimes spanned decades and were as recent as 2001
  • Group worries ex-cleric may still be around “vulnerable people”
  • And they worry about two recently arrested RI Catholic deacons too

CA - Victims to leaflet at Buddhist temple

  • Former monk faces child sex lawsuit
  • He abused a 14 year old and fathered her child in Illinois
  • And now works at a similar temple in Long Beach
  • Buddhist officials warn no one and do no outreach, SNAP says
  • Similar event being held outside temple in Illinois