Buffalo diocese names priests accused of abusing minors

By  March 20, 2018, Buffalo News

Bishop Richard J. Malone on Tuesday released the names of priests who have been accused of sexual misconduct with minors.

"The following list identifies diocesan priests who were removed from ministry, were retired or left ministry after allegations of sexual abuse of a minor," the diocese said. The list includes deceased priests with more than one allegation made against them. Priests who are deceased have their year of death listed next to their name, the diocese said.

John R. Aurelio (2009)
Donald W. Becker
David M. Bialkowski
Robert J. Biesinger (2012)
James H. Cotter (1991)
Donald S. Fafinski

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  • Dennis Ramsey
    commented 2018-03-21 20:34:51 -0500
    In November 2015, Father Jeff Bacon was listed in the parish bulletin for Holy Cross Immaculata as being on medical leave!!! On October 2, 2016, Archbishop Dennis Schnurr informed Father Jim Wedig that Father Bacon was not allowed to dress as a priest, perform the duties of a priest and that he would never be assigned to a parish again. Seems pretty strict for a medical leave. He has never been listed on Administrative Leave on the Archdiocesan website. In fact you cannot find his name any where on the website. Word from inside the Archdiocesan offices was that they were trying to get him to resign from the priesthood. It seems that as he is a Canon Lawyer, he is demanding a parish assignment again. The Archdiocese has now hired a lawyer to find information on Father Bacon to quietly defrock him. They have finally figured out how manipulative he is. They probably should have listened to the family that reported him in 2014 for messing with their minor daughter. The only one that was removed in that case was Auxiliary Bishop Joe Binzer, he is no longer allowed to talk to the family. Of course the Archdiocese doesn’t talk about the minor, that information would really cause some legal problems. They are only concentrating on victims over 18. And the Catholic Church will tell you it is all in the past. Remember, none of their rules have any enforcement power behind them, it is a farce. Wonder if Archbishop Schnurr is going to release all the names of priests who have been accused of being predators in his Archdiocese?
  • John Nesbella
    commented 2018-03-21 09:16:07 -0500
    Read carefully: “This is the list of diocesan priests…” In my diocese of Altoona-Johnstown PA the bishop did the same thing. It’s a ruse.
    We had a PA Grand Jury identify close to 50 priests and religious brothers who molested children in Altoona-Johnstown, yet the bishop’s list only listed less than 20 priests. ONLY THE DIOCESAN PRIESTS. The priests from religious orders were by far the greatest molesters. But because they were not DIOCESAN PRIESTS their names never appeared on the list. These brothers and priests from religious orders continue to move around from diocese to diocese molesting children and continue to fly under the radar because the diocesan bishops are cowards and will not list the names of religious brothers. Furthermore, the names of some known diocesan child molester priests never appeared on the AJ list. This is not transparency or full disclosure. We should also demand a list of the names of BISHOPS who coveredup for child molester priests-maybe a much shorter list would be bishops who DID NOT coverup. I doubt that there would be a single name on that list.

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