Bill Cosby and Barak Obama

Bill Cosby and Barak Obama

The other day, President Obama said he couldn’t revoke Bill Cosby’s Presidential Medal of Honor. But I’d humbly like to tell the president: “You ain’t powerless.”  

I’m grateful Obama condemned Cosby’s crimes. He didn’t have to. It’s always tempting to change the subject when sexual violence comes up.

I think, however, the president copped out when he said “We do not have that mechanism,” a process to rescind the honor. But he isn’t powerless. He could propose or create such a mechanism.  

Obama also said “There’s no precedent for revoking a medal.” But he isn’t powerless. He could setprecedent or at least try.

A solid old adage springs to mind: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

(An alternative: Obama could lean on Congressional Democrats to pass a resolution slamming Cosby. Toothless? Sure. But comforting to sex crimes victims? Absolutely.)

The other day, a 94 year old man was convicted of crimes that took place 50 years ago on another continent. There was probably no precedent for that either.

But he was a Nazi war criminal. And because of the horror of his crimes, extraordinary measures were taken to bring him to justice and bring consolation to at least a few of his victims.

So a president who faces no re-election pressures and who radically revamped the US health care system has considerable power here to ameliorate a bit of the harm done to Cosby’s victims by our archaic, predator-friendly laws.   


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