Baptist minister pleads guilty to abuse; SNAP responds

Baptist minister pleads guilty to abuse; SNAP responds

We are grateful to this brave victim, her mother, and law enforcement for pursuing this predator. Kids are safer now that he’ll be locked up.

This painful story is a reminder of why it’s crucial that victims speak up promptly, that adults believe them, and that police are quickly called. Secular authorities, not church officials, should deal with child sex crimes and cover ups.

Let’s hope that Southern Baptist officials – in Maryland and at this church – aggressively seek out and offer help to others who saw, suspected or suffered Pastor Joe’s crimes. It’s irresponsible for church staff and members to do little or nothing to reach out to others who may be suffering in shame, silence and self blame.

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    Thank you
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    I certainly hope that the local Baptist Church in MD acts more responsibly that the Virginia Baptist church. When the VA pastor went to trial the flooded the courtroom with supporters, even though he had been convicted. Then the victim went to the church for support and they gave him a cassette tape to play. That is not support – that is a slap in the face. As we see everywhere else — WWJD?
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