Attorneys in Pennsylvania who may be able to represent your interests

Richard Serbin, Altoona PA  814-944-4384

Kevin Abromawich, Philadelphia PA   888.919.6237

Alan Perer, Pittsburgh PA    866-281-1970

Mitchell Garabedian, Boston MA   888-995-2214 

Jeff Herman, Florida   800-686-9921 

Jeff Anderson, Minnesota   888.919.6237


The recent horrific exposure of widespread abuse of children in Pennsylvania brings many survivors forward to take action.  An attorney can best advocate for you and represent your interests. 

A couple points to remember: 

~Most attorneys will take cases on contingency, where they get a percentage of any award or settlement you receive. 

~The process may take a couple of months stretching to a year or more.

~The process can be difficult. Opposing attorneys can be aggressive and harsh.

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