Arizona State AG

Dear Attorney General Brnovich, 

After reading reports of the Pennsylvania grand jury, I can no longer trust that my children are safe in the State of Arizona. I am both outraged and disturbed by what they found.  

As a resident of the state of Arizona, I ask and implore you to conduct an independent investigation into probable sexual abuse of children and minors by clergy in the Catholic Church. Serious criminal acts were committed by Catholic clergy in Pennsylvania. We fear harm to hundreds or perhaps thousands of children in the state of Arizona have also occurred.  

The shocking Grand Jury Report demonstrates a cavalier disregard for children’s health and safety.  It is imperative that the investigation include the following three factors: 1) be independent and separate from the church, 2) employ subpoena authority, and 3) compel testimony under oath.

Our community relies on you and other organizations of law enforcement for the safety of our community.  Perpetrators of these crimes, and those responsible for covering up these crimes, need to be held accountable.  This initiative will protect future children from sexual assault in our great state.  We need to make the very strong statement that there will be criminal consequences for protecting an institution over the safety and well being of a child.  

Out of the 1000 victims in the state of Pennsylvania, only 2 will be able to seek justice due to PA SOL laws.  

Since there are no statutes of limitations against felony sexual assault in Arizona, the victims in our state have an opportunity to finally seek justice.  The PA Grand Jury Report is replete with story after story of how the Church turned their back to their victims. Please don’t do the same to the victims in Arizona.  These survivors deserve more from this great state.    

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.





AZ state AG


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  • Melanie Sakoda
    followed this page 2019-04-28 15:17:39 -0500
  • Mary Jo McMann
    commented 2019-01-03 22:40:50 -0600
    Why did no one say a word about the abuse. The other priests … the Monsignors…the nuns … the parents ….the other kids …. the rich kids …. the poor kids … now I know people helped the coverup. I want to save the church . What has anyone done about the abused wives and children of the victims? Nothing. Did any wife or child of abused man get compensated . How could supposedly intelligent men make such awful mistakes. Because of all the abuse from teachers . nuns , priests ,negligent parents. These compliant people assisted the abused person I was married to beat me and my children, steal money from the money supposedly to be used for housing feeding and closing the children because he could . Why would he believe that he had to be responsible to anyone after the priests had abused him.

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