AP: Families feel deserted after sex assaults at base school


The three military fathers sat at the commander’s conference table on the U.S. Army base in Germany, pleading for help.

They told the commander that their daughters were among a half-dozen girls sexually assaulted by a boy in their first-grade class at the base school. The principal had known about the boy’s behavior for months, they said, but the abuse continued.

The girls’ parents had already turned to Army police, military child-abuse authorities and sex-assault specialists. The response throughout the U.S. military’s vast support structure was always the same, they said: Sorry this has happened; there’s nothing we can do.

“It gives us a sense of hopelessness,” one of the fathers, a soldier, said. “We can only do so much as parents.”

Tens of thousands of children and teenagers live and attend school on U.S. military bases while their parents serve the country. Yet if they are sexually violated by a classmate, a neighborhood kid or a sibling, they often get lost  . . . 

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2018-03-19 10:28:22 -0500
    The military-another giant system where people put their freedom in the hands of rulers, commanders and leaders in a closed system with little or no accountability, no checks and balances and the leaders are given the power of life and death. A religious system with no god, its leaders are infallible and supreme; sound familiar. Our ancestors fought a revolution to rid ourselves of this kind of tyranny and here we are facing it again-willfully choosing it. This is what BIG systems-big governments, big military, big religious systems do-they always run the individual and the little guy into the ground. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Turn your children over to strangers with no or questionable morality and what can you expect-they will use your children nor care if your children are used by others. Parents need to stop turning their children over to strangers and take care of them themselves. Once people had sexual morals but the sexual revolution did away with that and now anything goes. We allow strangers with no sexual morals to care for and educate our children what do you expect?

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