Abuse victims face litany of problems, inquiry told

A Victorian parliamentary inquiry has been told victims of child sexual abuse face a litany of difficulties reporting and settling their complaints.

The Care Leavers Australia Network told the child sexual inquiry that churches and institutions have confusing processes for dealing with complaints.

It says victims are deliberately isolated and that redress schemes are a "hopscotch" of secretive arrangements.

Spokesman Frank Golding told the inquiry it is also difficult for victims to access documentation.

"People who are raped or sexually assaulted are required to go back to the place where they were violated to seek their personal records," he sai...


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commented 2012-12-18 13:02:17 -0600 · Flag
Typical handling of victims: it’s like enacting a universal law of having a robbery suspect make a promise to pay back his/her victims someday… Keep going lawmakers, you still have a long long way to go. I, I, I… come on!
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