2017 Annual SNAP Conference


The 2017 Conference SNAP Ad Book is finally online for your viewing pleasure!

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    Power and money becomes Money and Power. Who benefrs at the end of this: lawyers
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    to Rosamaria
    I appreciate your courageous behavior.
  • commented 2016-12-15 00:34:45 -0600
    i used to work at st. frances of rome catholic church, in azusa california. i was witness to that church covering up for its pastor who was a known abuser. consequently, i left the church and have not looked back. these incidents affected me so negatively i no longer have any respect for the rcc or its boys’ club known as priests. they were the biggest financial drain on the church and the most ineffectual. theres so much more to this story, but i choose to end it here. i fled the states and now live in new zealand. i guess it feels like a form of priest abuse in certain ways. thanks for listening.
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