You asked, we answered: Why aren't accused priests in jail?


It's been two months since The Buffalo News first reported that a retired priest from the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo admitted that he sexually abused "probably dozens" of teenage boys in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Since then, The News also has published more than 30 stories related to the sexual abuse scandal within the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.

Among The News' findings:

  • At least eight priests accused of sexually abusing children live within walking distance of elementary and middle schools.
  • At least 58 Buffalo priests have been linked to sexual allegations in recent decades, according to News archives, public records and recent reporting by The News. The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo in March released a list of 42 priests accused of sexual misconduct with minors.
  • Earlier this week,  . . .

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  • John Nesbella
    commented 2018-04-26 11:44:55 -0500
    In Pennsylvania in the diocese of Altoona-Johnstown we had a number of priests who admitted to sexually molesting children-to a Grand Jury.
    Not one faced any kind of justice. Some remain retired in Florida and with full honors as priests. Even if the law will do nothing because the SOL has passed-why won’t the Roman Catholic church leadership do something with them? There is nothing stopping the RC church from punishing these self-professed child molesters! At the very least they should be defrocked and driven out of the priesthood. That’s the least the church leaders can do! They won’t even do that. As far as telling the pew potatoes that their funds are financing child molesters-we’ve repeatedly told them that many times! They just don’t give a damn. THEIR church is the holy roman catholic church and they are going to worship the priests and bishops as infallible gods on earth. There is nothing lower than a child molester-except maybe a child molester who dresses up as a priest or bishop to deceive people and molest their children. That said: if these people won’t stop funding a church leadership of sodomites and pedophiles-they would likely financially support Satan himself if he were to go to seminary and become a priest and then a bishop. Their is a kind of mental illness here-this is not faith-this is a sickness and a mortal sin of worshipping men-priests and bishops as if they were god. This is the mortal sin of idolatry and this sin allows the sacrifice of children on the altar of sexual molester priest and bishops. People living under this spell will allow priests and bishops and popes to molest and destroy children and the people will never speak out or stop funding it. So dispell yourselves of these illusions that ‘faithful roman catholics’ will withhold funds or stop going to this church. We’ve already lives decades and decades with that illusion. What is needed is a big bully with a big stick who beat these priests and bishops over the head-then they will stop molesting children. Mark my words well.

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