Woman raped by priest speaks out

Mary McCarthy Stanton, who said she was molested and raped by a priest in the 1960's, felt compelled to speak out after seeing recent TV coverage of the death of former Santa Fe Archbishop Robert Sanchez.

Sanchez stepped down from his post, in part, after failing to take action against priests accused of sexually abusing children.

Stanton said she was bothered by how easily people were willing to forgive Sanchez when he died.

"Forgiveness is granted in the sacrament of reconciliation, after we admit wrongdoing after we tell the truth, not before," Stanton said.

She said the rape and molestation nearly destroyed her. She said the shame, and accompanying depression, led to her abusing alcohol and prescription pills. She explained that it resulted in more than one overdose that could have killed her.

Stanton is telling her story hoping that others abused by priests will confide in at least one trustworthy person with their st...


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