When a lay employee "breaks a contract," it's apparently serious. . .

An Ohio jury has awarded damages to Christa Dias, an unwed teacher who was fired from her Catholic school job after becoming pregnant through artificial insemination.

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In SNAP, we take no positions on church-related controversies other than clergy sex crimes and cover ups. So we have no stance or view or statement on this court ruling.

But we do comment on how church officials use a clear "double standard" to excuse clergy sexual misconduct. That double standard can be described as "One standard for clergy, another for laity."


We see that inconsistency in this case too.


Cincinnati archdiocesan PR man Dan Andriacco, who has explained and minimized plenty of illegal and immoral behavior by predatory Catholic clerics and complicit church supervisors, is quoted in today’s news accounts about the teacher’s discrimination case. Andriacco said that the court fight was about "an employee who broke a contract."


OK, if that’s what the archdiocese cares about – enforcing contracts – then Andriacco’s bosses had better get busy.


There are some 30 proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesting Cincinnati archdiocesan clerics. (see BishopAccountability.org) My hunch is that most of them are still on the payroll. 


In 2007, the Dayton Daily News reported that “Of 18 area priests credibly accused of abusing youth, 10 are still suspended with pay.” Among those ten: Fr. David J. Kelley, accused of molesting more than three dozen children. (He has since passed away.)



In fact, when was the last time you saw a diocesan priest – anywhere - fired (not temporarily suspended, but taken off the payroll) for "breaking his contract" by violating his celibacy pledge?


And when was the last time you saw a religious order priest fired for "breaking his contract" by violating his vow of poverty?


A contract is a contract, right?

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  • Gloria Sullivan
    commented 2013-06-04 11:16:05 -0500
    Any one that continues to belong to this church(?)(that is saying, and going to it) is aiding and abetting in the Crimes Against Humanity(sexual abuse of children under their care) IMO! These people , the principals,(priests, nuns and brothers. ) continue to committ these hideious crimes with no consequences to them Only the children who have lives of hell on earth. after the’ve been abused by a person of High Authority! Whether it’s poverty, chastity, or whatever contract they have signed and "agreed " upon. Legally this can be prosecuted in the state they are in. The Laws of the country have got to be kept or you will go to jail or prison, if you are convicted in a court of your peers(in the USA)

    I think I would worry about what GOD ALMIGHTY thought of my staying in such an evil place
    .Remember the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WITHIN YOU! HE doesn’t take your free will away from you , nor should any "so called " church(?)

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