Washington DC--Vatican embassy priest removed for child porn allegations

For immediate release, September 15, 2017

Statement by Barbara Dorris, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, [email protected], 314-503-0003


The crime of possession of child pornography is not a victimless crime. The children in the photos are being sexually abused. Just because this unnamed diplomat—who is a priest—has been removed to Rome, does not mean that he is still not in possession of pornographic images or may still not pose a threat to children wherever he is stationed.

Pope Francis must move swiftly in two ways. One, he must bring the diplomat back to the United States in order to adhere to his promises of complying with investigations by civil authorities in cases of child sexual abuse. Two, he must command his diplomatic corps to cooperate fully.

If he is unable to this, Pope Francis must turn over all evidence to Interpol—not engage in secret trials with unknown outcomes—now that the diplomat has returned to Italy and no longer has immunity. Child pornography is an international crime with consequences as stiff in Europe as they are in the United States. 

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