Victims to KC Bishop: You broke legal promises, didn’t report

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Victims to KC Bishop: You broke legal promises, didn’t report 

Man banned from parish may have abused, SNAP believes

Survivors demand oversight committee, public meeting

Public deserves accountability, they say

What: At a press conference, survivors of sexual abuse and their supporters will attempt to hand-deliver a letter to the Kansas City Catholic Bishop about a man recently banned from church properties for improper behavior around children. The letter:

- Asks why a parishioner—instead of a church official—was the person who reported the banned man to police
- Demands that the church and diocese turn over all information on the man to law enforcement
- States that the bishop broke his promises to victims in a 2009 sex abuse settlement

They also:

- Demand a moderated public meeting with the bishop, parishioners, parents, and SNAP to address safety concerns
- Ask that the diocese work with victims and their attorneys to install a third-party sexual abuse prevention oversight committee

Where/When: Thursday, January 19, 2017 at 1 pm
Outside the Diocese of Kansas City/St. Joseph Hedaquarters
20 West Ninth Street in Kansas City


5-6 men and women who are member of SNAP, the Survivors Network (, the nation’s largest support group for men and women who have been sexually abused in religious and institutional settings. 
Sister Jeanne Christensen, the former victim’s assistance person for diocese, and 
Attorney Rebecca Randleswho helped victims write the non-economic terms of the 2008 settlement 

Why: Last week, the Diocese of Kansas City announced that a 70-year-old parishioner and volunteer has been banned from all of the church’s properties for “inappropriate interactions with children,” “violating safe boundaries” with children, and violating a “written agreement” about safe boundaries.

Since the story broke, SNAP has received reports from parishioners at St. Patrick's that the man has engaged in potentially criminal behaviors that merit police involvement. SNAP has reported those behaviors to Kansas City Police. The police told SNAP that a parishioner, not church officials, reported the man earlier this week.

Complete details of the letter and the group’s demands will be distributed at the press conference.

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