Victims respond: Former JSerra teacher charged with seven counts of unlawful sex acts with 14-year-old

We applaud the Orange County Sheriff's Department and the District Attorney's Office for their diligent investigation of Ricardo Aldana's alleged crimes. We sincerely hope that the criminal justice system works for the victim in this case and that the complete truth about Aldana and his actions is made public.  That is the only way to keep children safe right now.

We hope that the brave, young victim in this case finds healing throughout the criminal process. She is a hero for coming forward and has saved other children from the pain of sexual abuse.

It is also our sincere hope that the JSerra students who rallied behind the teacher, spouted profanities on websites, and scared other victims of abuse into silence will come to understand how hurtful their actions were not only to this victim, but all victims of sexual abuse.

We urge anyone with information about Aldana - or any case of child sexual abuse - to come forward and report to law enforcement. No child deserves to suffer and no survivor deserves to endure shame and silence.

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