Victims blast archdiocese over missing predators’ names

Could Cardinal O’Malley be more self-serving? He’s a religious order cleric. So he keeps secret the names of dozens of religious order clerics who are proven, admitted and credibly accused child molesters.

Many of the more than 70 child molesting clerics who are or have been in Boston now live among unsuspecting neighbors. Few have been defrocked, even fewer are locked up. So the odds are very high that right now at least a few of these dangerous men are sexually assaulting children. And they get by with their crimes, at least in part, because Catholic officials (from Boston to Rome) still value their reputations over our children.

We support in its effort to prod the Boston archdiocese review board members – handpicked by O’Malley – to show some courage and compassion, and insist on full disclosure. Many of these board members are parents and grandparents. Why on earth are they helping self-serving prelates preserve their imagines instead of helping vulnerable kids and wounded adults?

We also call on the Boston priests who advocate secrecy to identify themselves, so parishioners can know which Catholic employees want them to have less information about potentially dangerous child molesting clerics

And we call on Boston Catholics to continue pushing for transparency so that kids will be safer and so that dangerous men and women can be exposed.

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