Victims applaud reform of SD child sex law

First, we want to thank the sponsors of this legislation and the brave men and women who were abused as kids who are backing it to help prevent future child sex crimes and expose current and former child sex crimes.

Our message today, to citizens and lawmakers, is simple: Protect children, not predators. Deter deceit, don’t reward deceit. Call your lawmakers and tell them that vulnerable kids need protection. Shrewd pedophiles and corrupt supervisors do not.

This bill will help safeguard kids from predators in three key ways. First, it will help publicly expose child molesters, through the time-tested, proven, open justice system. Second, it will help publicly expose irresponsible supervisors who ignored or concealed child sex crimes. And third, it will help deter future recklessness, deceit and callousness by some employers, again, using the time-tested, proven, open justice system.

We in SNAP believe there should be no statute of limitations on child rape. Any such statute just gives predators and their enablers the incentive, and the time, to destroy evidence, intimidate victims, threaten witnesses, fabricate alibis and escape overseas. No child rapist or his allies should get to exploit an arbitrary deadline, escape detection, and assault others. 

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