Unprecedented attack on victims by KC Catholic officials

This is an unprecedented bullying effort to silence and invade the privacy of victims and their allies and protect predator priests and their corrupt supervisors. It’s an expensive, cumbersome fishing expedition that tramples on the constitutionally-guarantees of freedom of speech, association and privacy and cripples our ability to counsel and console deeply wounded men, women and teenagers who turn to us for help.

Thousands of individuals – police, prosecutors, journalists, witnesses, whistleblowers and concerned Catholics – who’ve never met or even heard of Fr. Tierney or his accuser will have their private communications publicly disclosed.

Bishop Finn is Fr. Tierney’s boss. Tierney has sworn obedience to Finn. Finn can order Tierney to stop this. But he won’t.

Finn will claim Tierney has the same legal rights as any citizen. But of course, he doesn’t. He can’t get married or work at an abortion clinic. If he did, Finn would discipline, denounce and defrock him. So Finn can, and should, take action now against Tierney.

Read the story here: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5jL3yi_tHCTE0UhpjV4HRJzEvkCpQ?docId=952451c7bd0c4050b7aeaf4dcccf2cd1 

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